Garmin/tech help please

I apparently need to clear some of the old files off my computer as it's full (?!!) i was given the following line of computer speak to use but can't make it do anything, can someone walk me through it please, I don't do technology very well.....image

C:Documents and Settings\Application DataGARMINDevices[DeviceIDHistory




  • You can delete your old Garmin data no probs. It's defined as  weekly so just highlight the week you want to clear and Delete.

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  • Cheers LN,

    RIPP - this is on the computer not the garmin itself.


  • The line of computer-speak is just the file path to find the stored data.

    Click on the menu button bottom left of your screen. Assume it'll be the little Windows logo in a blue circle. This brings up a menu of stuff. I'm not sure, but you might be able to cut-and-paste the whole line into the search box and it'll take you there.

    If not, click on Computer (on the right hand side of the menu box) which will bring up the various drives etc on your computer. Under Hard Disk Drives you'll see one that says ( C: ) so click on that, then on Documents and Settings, then on Application Data etc etc. That should take you to the bit you want and you'll be able to delete some files there.

    I hope that's what you were asking and that you can follow my explanation and finally that it's actually correct, as I'm also fairly crap with computers!

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