Flying with a bike

Due to do a tri in another country in 3 months.

I have the lend of a decent bike box but no idea whether to bring the bike as baggage on the plane or ship it separately.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated image


  • Where are you going ?

    Who you flying with ?

    Is money a consideration ?
  • Using a bike box for any trip should be a good call if you pack it properly. Most airlines charge now, check how much. They also state a size and weight limit. Less than 23kg and dimensions are a standard and as long as you stay under it you will be ok.

    Going to the US it's normally classed as a 2nd piece of baggage, so united airways is about $100 each way, BA is ??34 each way.

    If you are in Europe then the low cost carriers will charge a fixed fee, easy jet is about ??30 each way but also state that the bike will be left if there is too much baggage !! Not seen it happen but bikes go awry so make sure it's booked and well signed.

    As for shipping, never used it as its generally a rce organiser thing and most of the biggest races in the US offer it. However if you can get a carrier to ship your bike to a local bike shop near the race venue and then build it for you and repack on the return for a good price I would go for it.

    The other consideration is who you are travelling with, a bag of kit, bike box and hand luggage can be a drag if you want ease of travel.

    The choice is yours,
  • I asked the same question a while ago, some useful answers here:

  • Thanks for the advice!

    I'm flying to Kona image in October.

    I will be flying with United Airlines from London.

    Not worried about lugging it about pre / post race (let's face it, I probably won't be moving much at that point full stop!).

    Cost isn't a particular issue.

    Is it best to inform the airline in advance or just rock up with the bike in its case?

  • Kona  ? well done ! Rosey is your man to advise then ! 

  • Flying with bike?..i reckon ET or Danny Boyle know a thing or two about that.

  • You need to book the bike on the plane in advance

    Enjoy the trip !!

  • Thank you!!

  • /members/images/509622/Gallery/bikewings.jpg

     Problem solved image

  • You have failed to mention the cost...

    Flew to IM Nice thud year, cost me ??50 for the bike bag, you going to be cheaper ?
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