Where to get good laies running kit?

Hi,  first time on here and have been training for a half marathon for a few months.  Where is good to get ladies running kit?


  • I get most of mine from accelerate in Sheffield, they also do mail order if your not near them. X bionic and skins well worth money, lasts for years. Just remember not to wear new clothes on your race day if you haven't wore them before. Which 1/2 are you planning on doing?
  • sports direct/go outdoors for clothes

    sweatshop, start fitness,sports shoes.com

    For shoes.


    good luck,dont really need a lot ,buy the min then maybe a bit more when it gets colder 


  • What sort of clothes do you like? Tight/loose? Colours? Fit?

  • It all depends on what you like, I like Thoosa as they are a bit more feminine and very flattering.  I also like Asics/Brooks/Nike as they have bright designs sometimes.  (sweatshop/Advance Performance are good to buy from). I love Sweaty Betty, but can't afford to buy from there!

  • ah achilles heel. Nearly always have sale items.

    Lots of people like Wiggle has they have a large range.

  • If you are in the midlands MacArthur glen m1 j28 has an outlet store that sells both Adidas and reebok. And also a Nike outlet store.
  • Apologies for not getting back to you all sooner - thank you so much for your suggestions!

    dancing in spikes - tight (ish) long tops, tight (ish) leggings and looser shorts.  Bright on top and black on bottoms!

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