Whoops! Could I do this?

I am coming back to running after having my third baby and have just completed week 5 of C25K. I was talking to my brother, husband and another friend last night about the Swansea Bay 10k and the Cardiff half marathon and the friend was saying her was doing the 10k as a warm up for the half. Anyway, I said that I thought I could manage to 10k and my brother said that if I did it, so would he and I said OK as long as he didn't laugh when it took me twice as long as him.

Anyway, he seems to have completely got the wrong end of the stick and thought I said I'd do the half and has signed up for it. I'm pretty sure I can do a 10K in seven weeks (albeit slowly), could I be ready to do a half marathon in 11 weeks or is that just too ambitious?


  • It's only a little bit more than twice the 10k - was the 10k filling you with a cold dread or were you thinking it would be a nice easy comeback?

    If you were starting from scratch, then it might be a bit of an ask (I guess - it took me 13 weeks to get to 10k), but if you're already a runner returning to it, then maybe you're starting from a good place already?

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭

    Hmmm, I was a runner........about three years ago! I Get into running over the summer and then it all goes to pot over the winter when it's too dark in the evenings and I'm quite nervous of going out alone after dark. My other half has therefore promised that if I keep it up over the summer, we can get a treadmill to allow me to carry on running when it's too dark to go out. (he is also a runner, but much faster than me and besides, we have three children so can't both go out at the same time).

    I suspect a half marathon in October probably is a bridge too far, although the 10k really doesn't fill me with dread. I've done it before from a similar position to where I am now. I guess I just wanted to support my little brother - I think I'll just have to go along and cheer him on instead, I tried to persuade my husband to do it with him instead, but he's just not interested in doing races, he just likes to run. Different from me because I always need a goal to work towards. I'll see how I go, if I get up to 10k quicker than I thought I might be able to, maybe I'll rethink the half.

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