iPod running pouches


As the thread title suggests, I am looking to replace my iPod Touch running pouch, which, after approximately 9 months of use, is now beginning to tire.  The pouch is an Adidas MiCoach and it has proven to be of good value, although I am disappointed that the velcro on the armband is beginning to lose its effectiveness.  Does anyone have recommendations for a future purchase?


  • Hi Doody

    It's not that I'm tight, just very careful so I boought one of these


    At £3 not a bad price as long as your buying other stuff from the site to make the PnP seem ok.

    Now I have seen these in Sports Direct store for about the same price.

    Hope that helps

    Andy image

  • Howdy Doody,

    I bought a Nike waist band pouch from the local Nike Factory Outlet. Holds my phone, has a outlet for head phones, plastic clip (no velcro), fully adjustable, zip-up pocket for keys/money etc.

    I guess it's the model before this, what with it being from the outlet and all. Got mine for £8, so if you can get to an outlet, they're worth it!

    Also, I've read that armbands, may not be the best thing for blood flow, but that could just be internet scaremongering...


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