looking for abib to run berlin 2012 marathon

Hello there,

i am new to this forum and not from the UK by th way ahah

my name is Karim, a french dude doing an internship in Berlin, looking for an opportunity to run my second marathon.

I ran my first one in Paris last April, i had then no time objective as i was new to this distance and really wanted to make the best of it (i ran it in 4hours 2mn).

For this mrathon i have a 3h30 objective, i already started my training, everythinf is going quite well.

But to compete i need a place, so if anyone of you is unfortunately not able to make it, i will be glad to buy his/her place.

This race means a lot to me, dont be shy and just answer.

Thank you all

train hard !


  • happy9053happy9053 ✭✭✭

    do a search on berlin marathon at top of page, someone was trying to sell 1 last week

  • i will have a look thanks happy9053, i started this thread so if anyone want to post to sell a bib, then it will be easier to answer to me ahah

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think you'll need to go looking for someone rather than them coming to you image The Berlin marathon thread is your best bet.

  • Karim

    wondering if you got sorted.  Am awaiting confirmation from my physio next week as to whether I can run or not, so there is a possiblity that I may have a bib for sale if you are still interested.


  • hi Margaret,

    lets be honest, i hope you feel better next week and be able to run the marathon.

    However, if unfortunately you cant make it, i would like to buy your bib,what group is it ?!

    I may buy one bib but nothing is sorted so i woud be glad if you let me know about it.

    take care margaret.

  • I will let you know next week (probably Tuesday) as to whether I'm running or notimage

    I registered last November so trying to remember which pen its for, as its not on the confirmation email, i'm a 4hr-4.15 time normally so its definately in the 4.00-4.15-4.30 time zone.

  • ok great (so to speak...) perfect let me know then, i will suffer for you if you can't make it anyway image

  • Karim

    sorry for not getting back to you sooner, still trying to heal myself, but it looks like i'm not going to be able to run, as struggled with my knee at the 13 mile mark over the weekend and had to stopimage  So if you're still interested in the number we should exchange details.

  • hi margaret

    i am ok to get your bib and sorry for your knee too, i am living in berlin and will send you a private message to make our deal.

    It is also good for you to learn about your knee during your long run now than during the marathon itself, it would be so frustrating, and there are lots of others marathons this year. I want to run berlin for i am living here and cant miss this experience as a new marathon runner living there.

    Take care, i will sufffer for you thats for sureimage

  • Karim, have you already got a bib?? I sell my one.

    Sergio Saiz


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