Forerunner 205

Anyone know how much a replacement battery for a 205 will cost. Many thanks.


  • Garmin does an out-of-warranty swap-out for about £50.  You send yours back and they send a refurbed one to you.  I did this with a four year-old 305 and the replacement was as good as new.

  • Thanks -  do you have contact details for this.

  • There's also a guy advertises a replacement battery on ebay. Bit cheaper, but maybe not the same guarantees.

  • The 205 is a ball-ache to take apart - it's very easy to wreck the rubber case, and then you've got to pry the back off, which involves cracking the glue that seals it.

  • Yes, the guy is pretty up front about the issues on his page - says there is a 50% chance of damaging the speaker as they are glued together. However, the new battery he puts in is 1300mAh instead of 800mHa, and should give over 12 hours of use. He charges £22 plus £11 delivery. Says he has done over 1000. I've no link to him, and have never used his service, but just putting out another option.

  • Ah, I see, so the guy does the replacement for you.  In that case, might be worth a punt, but I'd probably go for the warranty exchange because that comes with a new 12 month warranty backed by Garmin.

  • just posted thread on forerunner 205, mine had let water / sweat in and it had corroded one of the 8 contact points thus preventing it taking a charge - not the battery at fault, just poor build and lack of waterproofing protection (just the glue from what i could see). I wouldn't waste £50 on a replacement (they only offered a 90 day warranty on it!!!!), it's a great device when it works but should be much more durable.


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