Gels that can be taken without water


Recently starting training runs of over 2hours and was considering experimenting with gels.

Am I right that you can take sis gels without water during runs?

Id rather use gels that dont require water intake.


Also are energy bars a good alternative for during runs?


Cheers for any response.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Have a look around the forum - there's lots of advice about energy bars and alternatives to gels. Lots of people use jelly babies, percy pigs etc.

    I use SiS without water and havent had an issue. I may want a quick swig of water to take away the taste but you're not forced to.

    I use flapjacks (homemade or cliff's) and they work a treat as well.

  • Sis gels you can take without water, I prefer the high 5 isogels though which can also be taken without water image
  • Thanks both Emmy_bug and touie2

  • I use GU gels, and take them without water for runs up to 2 hours. For runs over 2 hours I think you should loop by somewhere where you can take water, it is a long time to go without when you are sweating, especially in summer.

  • +1 for the High5 Isogels. They taste okay, not too goopy sugary sweet, and they're a thin enough consistency they feel like you're drinking fluid rather than gel. Though overall I don't tend to use gels, I prefer actual food. Jam butties being my current favourite.

  • @dancinginspikes good point regarding water intake

  • used to use gels now dont bother did  2.5 HOUR of hills off road running last night just on 1x 500 ml of water 1x 500 ml of squash and some extra sugar /1/2 teaspoon of salt..


    and wait for it 2x peguin bars!


    You only need energy and a little salt

  • I think the salt thing must vary person to person. I experimented with Zero and Nuun tabs in water but especially in warm conditions when I was drinking a lot, they made me feel rather ill after the first 3 hours. Have now gone back to just plain water in my bottle. Penguin bars sound good!

  • It was a small tea spoon so not really a lot.

    The penguin bars were just all i had,but the best ive founf were milky way really easy to eat and yummy

    as most gels are horried i thought why not eat somthing that will give you energy,and you will enjoy.


    I found that if you just nibble a bit and let it stick on the inside of your bouth then it melts easy,yumm yum...I fuel on down hills 

  • touie2 wrote (see)
    Sis gels you can take without water, I prefer the high 5 isogels though which can also be taken without water image

    High 5 gels work well for me.  Taste ok and are easily consumed while running.

  • We've experimented with most gels on the market as training started upping towards half marathon. Found the Nestle Powerbar gels really gloopy. Rest of them are much of a muchness. We got a stock of High 5 gels through Ribble as it's far cheaper than buying individually. Find all of their gels can be taken without needing water alongside.

  • Lil.Lil. ✭✭✭

    I use Torq gels on long runs over 9-10miles. With a zero/nuun tablet in camelbak.

    Don't really like gels. I HATE having sticky fingers too.

    Tried a Powerbar cookie & cream energy bar on my 9mi run this Sunday and that was nice and I did feel it helped, or may of been  - just a good day.

    Some things work for some & not others. Keep trying ...

  • occassionally use the high 5 gels.they are ok.................on very long runs i used to use nuun etc but found i didn't really like the taste and so wasn't drinking enough.............just have squash or coke now and have some salt tablets...for all my electrolyte needs

  • Just started using the new Nectar gels. They are really good and very thin so you don't need water.


  • I use the Sis Go gels. They are ok to take.
  • I've been using MyProtein's MP Max Energel Isotonics, mainly because they seemed cheap at about 80p each. They taste ok, work fine and need no water. I've got used to not using them though unless I go over 3 hours, though they did give an energy and pace boost when used more often (plan is to train with them used sparingly and race with)..
  • If don't like sticky fingers, try GU chomps - is same stuff as gels but in sweet form so less sticky, and you can take one every 15-20 minutes rather than all at once so that you have constant energy rather than a massive spike.

  • +1 for High 5 - only gels I can manage without water.


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