1st Ironman


I will embark on my first ill-prepared ironman in September. I have just returned to the UK from a stint in Africa and am thoroughly underprepared and am in need of assistance. I live in South Manchester and if anyone either in the same boat or more experienced living nearby with a good heart wanted to train with someone or just have a coffee and offer some good advice it would be much appreciated. Just post a thread and we can find a way of getting in touch.

Kind regards,





  • South Manchester where ?

    And the only IM in Sept I know of in these shores is not really one you want to be ill prepared for .......iechyd da

    Give me a shout on PM, I live in Warrington, I might be a bit busy with my own training in the next 10 weeks to accompany you but may have a few bits of advice you could use. 

  • South manchester

    Ironman in Setember

    Under prepared

    sounds like me!

    Philip  PM me and we will arrange something

  • Firstly thank you for the responses. Just worked out what PM is so will message you both now.

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