How long to rest "runners knee"

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I have been training for a half marathon at the end of September, and after reaching 8 miles in my training, I have been having pain in my knee (although at this point it was more mild discomfort than pain... I went to see a physio-therapist, who told me to strengthen my thighs and glutes, as well as giving me some stretches... I asked if I had to stop running, but was told as long as I didn't attempt a long run, short runs/hills and intervals were fine.

I did some intervals on Wednesdays (a failed 3 miler, but thats another story), and then managed 3 miles on Friday, but after the run on Friday my knee was the worst it has ever been, it was hard to walk on it after that. I have iced it every day since Friday, and have been taking Ibuprofen.

My question is, how long do you think I need to rest it for? I feel reluctant to visit the same physio again, and to be honest, due to going travelling in a few months (just after the half marathon) I can't really afford to! My inital plan was to rest for 4-5 days (no exercise), and then start swimming and working on strenghtening work (depending on how my knee feels then) and then trying to run again in about 2 weeks...

Would anyone think this is doable...? I am more just interested in what peoples advice/experiences with this are... I am nervous firstyl that I wont be able to do the half at all, or just not being able to train enough before and end up not being able to complete it.




  • Hi

    Sorry...this isn't a helpful message but just wanted you to know that I know how you feel.

    I am struggling with my knee too and Ive got the Great North Run to do in just over 6 weeks time. I am getting worried about it.

    I'll be watching this thread too image


  • Technically you don't have to rest runner's knee - it won't make it any worse, it will just hurt! Get the strengthening going, and make a commitment to it for a couple of weeks. Ski squats are good, but cycling is the best way to do this whilst retaining fitness, either outside or on a static bike (in front of the olympics... hmm that'd be a shame!). When I started running again I was advised to warm up on the bike for 10 minutes before doing any running, and combining warm up with some squats and lunches. 

    You shouldn't need a follow-up physio visit for runner's knee.

    I took 2 months off with runners knee a few years ago. Spent 2 months strengthening and cycling twice a day, then after 3 weeks back running made my country team for the first time. For me the break from running and the switch to cycling and swimming was really good, and I've kept them in my training on and off, but particularly in winter, since then.

  • I highly recommend getting yourself a foam roller and performing a bit of self massage if you dont fancy a trip back to the physio. They're pretty cheap on Amazon and are really useful. There are loads of videos on the Runners World Website (or Competitor magazine for that matter) to show you exactly how you should use it. You're essentially looking to release a bit of tension in your IT Band (tightness pulls the knee cap off its natural alignment causing knee pain). This should help manage the injury through to the race- though you may need to have a look at whats causing the injury in the first could be your technique (partly due to the weaknesses your physio underlined) that is causing stress on the your legs!

  • Thanks everyone! It has been 5 days since I ahve done any exercisem, but just went for a swim, and am feeling much more positive... going to try a bit of cycling next week and see how I go with that... one of my biggest worries was losing fitness, but if I do other stuff then that is OK. Also will be starting a schedule to strengthen my thighs and bum over the next few days too. Will also get my self a foam roller!!

  • There's some good info about how to recognise and prevent runner's knee here:

  • She might be ok by now.


  • You also have nothing to lose by going to see your GP and asking for a referral to a sports medicine clinic. (Apart from the time spent in the appointment, anyway!). Worth a punt.

  • Matthew Priest wrote (see)

    There's some good info about how to recognise and prevent runner's knee here:

    That wouldn't be an undeclared piece of self-promotion by any chance?

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    Did you Google too Steve?

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