Newbie alert!

Hi guys, My name is jamie, I'm fairly new to this and although I have been doing some running on and off for nearly a year now and completed my first event - tough mudder - in may, I couldn't really call it training. My sessions are sporadic and unorganised so I could defo use some help in that department. Distance doesn't seem to be so much a problem as speed - I can do 5-10k on my runs at a steady pace but it doesn't feel very quick. I'd like to enter a race for motivation but would like to get quicker first and not sure what a sensible time scale to train for it would be. The other thing is i now cycle to work, 5miles each way, and I'm not sure whether this is going to be a good or bad thing for my training! I don't have regular days and this is usually 4 days a week so I feel trying to fit a schedule around the remaining 3 days without a regular complete rest day would be barmy. Should I still train on days where I am about to / have already cycled 10miles? And is this going to improve my cardio or just knacker me out so I can't run? Oh I must also mention I do taekwondo on mondays and fridays if possible and I live at the top of a ridiculous hill so doing 'hill training' shouldn't be a problem lol!


  • Funny I swear I put gaps in there to make it more readable lol
  • Just my thoughts. I cycle all the time and also run. I cycle for fun. Doing 10 mile cycle should not really effect too much. I'd run 10 miles then think not much of it to go out for a ride on the bike. Cross training I believe is a good thing. However the only way to get better at running is by running. Don't over do it though. Also I wouldn't worry about getting faster before doing an event. If your happy doing 10k in training get out there and do some events. It wont hurt. I'm slow as a week in Jail 56.03 PB in 10k but I love it and I don't usually finish too near the back and if I did it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

    It's always hard trying to find the time to run. During the week I only do Tues-Thurs 5 miles each day and at the weekend I do 2 longer runs. Monday and Friday are my days off. On Weds I cycle 20miles in the evening and same again Sunday. Its striking the right balance. One schedule will work for you that won't work for somebody else.

    Could you run to Taekwondo? Could you run to work perhaps 2 days a week? Or Cycle there run back then next day run there and cycle back? Make it work for you. Lastly don't worry about speed get your miles in and get a good base of running fitness

  • Hi, thanks for the reply! I actually hadnt considered running to work or TKD, but it certainly sounds like an idea - only thing being I dont think there are any showers at work. Running back obv no problem. 

    I usually do 10k in just over an hour so maybe thats not so bad. Ill proably sign up to something soon, maybe start a weekly training routine and try not to worry about whether im cycling that day too - it may be on my mind but if its affecting me i guess it will show in my times/my body will tell me its too much. Ill be back to let you know how it goes!

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