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I have recently undergone a inguinal hernia repair; I would like some advice on the best type of compression shorts to help minimise the risk of a re-occurance. I run approximately 30 miles per week and complete one marathon per year, I am 41 and 11 stone 2. Can you please help!! any advice would be gratefully appreciated. image


  • Hi Bruce, how is the recovery going ? did you find you needed compression shorts ? I have recently found I have a right sided inguinal hernia and don't see consultant until Dec 3rd and hoping for a fast turn around operation wise as I am in quite a lot of pain. Also did you have to wait long from diagnosis to consultaion/surgery ?


  • Hi Craig, I have fully recovered from my operation, thanks for asking. I have had no need to use compression short to aid my recovery. The operation took approximately 3 months from when I was diagnosed but that was mainly due to me as I was going on holiday 2 weeks after my original date, so I put the operation back. You need to push to be seen and if you can put yourself on a cancellation list the op should happen fairly quickly. I was in for vasectomy at the same time as the hernia operation but I was back running within 4 weeks with little discomfort. The initial 2 weeks are painful and uncomfortable so do not hold back with the pain killers to start with, but do not allow yourself to start to do too much too early as this can set you back. I stopped the pain killers after 10 days so that my body told me when to rest. Good luck for when you have your operation, the procedure is simple and quick but the recovery should be slow and measured.

  • Thanks for that Bruce, I'm gonna stop looking on the internet searching about hernias all I seem to do is scare my self but its nice to get positive feedback from someone who has gone through what I'm going through. Been to doc's a couple of times now but all they want to do is sign me off sick and not rush an appt at hospital so will have to wait but its only 2 more weeks I will deff ask if I can be put on a cancellation list but hopefully when he/she sees the pain I am in they will pencil me in for sooner rather than later. Cheers mate.


  • 31st December is my op date fingers crossed all will be okimage

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