Coccyx injury....when to run?

I injured my coccyx 10days ago and it has been so painful. Just had an MRI which stated I had 'significant sacral coccygeal injury with juxta-articular oedema around the joint and soft tissue oedema both anterior lay and posterior lay..'

Anyone else had any experience with this injury...I am seeing a specialist on Thursday but I wanted to know anyone else's experiences of when to get back to training.

Jogging on the spot seems ok, it is more bending and lifting now that I have trouble with.

Thanxs For your help


  • Don't run 'til Thursday and ask the specialist.

    Running does compress the lower vertebrae and so may further inflame the soft tissues around that area.
  • How did yoou get on with the specialist?

    I injured my coccyx 2 and a half weeks ago, and its still very painful, have been running very slowly on a treadmill, which probably isnt helping but i'm loathe to stop altogether. went to attempt speed sessions at run club last night and realised i may have to take some recovery time.

  • Hi Clare,

    I saw the specialist and he said there was a fracture and on the report, the radiologist just wasn't committing himself (but looking at the MRI scans, you can see my coccyx is at right angles as opposed to being a natural curve) so he said do not run AT ALL for 6 weeks. If I do, then I could have problems running forever as it could be missaligned. He said use the pain as an indication and if it is painful do not run through the pain.

    He said I could swim front crawl and backstroke but being careful I dont kick too hard.

    To be honest, I have been really down and depressed about this but have accepted now that 2 months or so off running is better than long term problems.

    Not trying to worry you but the specialist really put the frightened on me about training too early.

    Good luck. How is it today?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    A few days back I woke up with a sore coccyx. I didn't go to sleep with it of that I'm sure. I said to my missus "I'm buggered", "well it wasn't me" she said. Yea right.  Luckily the pain went away but I'm still not sure where it came from. My lad said that I was suffering from being a pain in the arse.

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