Can't stay consistant?


I've been running on and off for about 6 months i'm trying to do the couch to 5k programme i'm finding it hard to keep going I start running for a while then i seem to stop and then i ease off for a couple of weeks then i start again and then the same thing happens again. It's not that i don't enjoy running i do i just find it hard to squash it into my schedule.



  • Try making a commitment to run - either to friends/relatives (by telling them you what you intend to do) or by finding a club or someone to run with (its harder to make excuses to yourself if you are intending to run with someone else).

    Also its much easier to run earlier in the day....the longer you wait the harder it gets to put your kit on!

    Finally, don't think too much about where you will go, how far it is and what it will feel like......Just do it!

  • I was like that, but in addition I couldn't really seem to get the hang of running and breathing at the same time, struggled on for months, stopping and starting. I would definitely agree that joining a club is a great idea; I joined our local club's Beginner's Night a couple of weeks ago, and have made big progress in a very short time.

    Be nice to yourself. Timetable your running into your diary, at a specific time rather than 'sometime on x-day', and get out there and do it. Have fun!

  • Try entering a race (up to 10k) some months off - it will give you something to focus on.

  • Make excuses to run rather then making excuses not to run

  • Have to agree with the idea about just putting on your gear and going!  I've had some of my best runs when I throw out any ideas about time, distance, route etc and instead just leave the house and see where I end up! image

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