Question to orthotic wearers...


I have got my first pair of orthotics a week ago, they were for over pronation and leg length discrepency and the dreaded plantar fasciitis. I have been wearing for 6 hours a day (desk job) and feel like i am now over compensating, its like I am now supinating but is that just because i am walking in a totally different way?


My legs feel super tired and my shins even feel a bit tight also is this normal in the break in phase?


Cant help but think they are going to be a waste of time, the last thing POD said was "orthotics are not for everyone"


Any views comments would be appreciated, I feel like they are not doing me any good and I am a bit disappointed to say the least. I got them when I was in the UK (expat) and cannot get back to have any adjustments made so I either stick with them as they are or give them up. Feel tightness round my outer knee as I type this also.




PS: I havent ran in them yet, intend to wait a while yet as the gold ball like lumps on my arches need to feel better before I would even consider it.


  • Hi I've just started wearing mine and I went about it the other way - running in them only and I've not had any problems luckily enough. Mine are off the shelf jobs and my issues might not be the same as yours (I have a report which I am yet to decipher and understand!).

    This is my first post on here and I am by no means an expert but thought you might be interested in my short experience, best of luck.

  • Can't really advise on line as everyone has them for different reasons! I've had mine for so long that I can't remember how they first felt! You will be aching in different places as your gait has changed
  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭
    Hi both my wife and I wear orthotics. I suffered with tibial tendinitis and mrs ringo suffered for 2 years or do with plantar fasciitis. Both problems resolved quickly. I wouldn't run without them. I did find I had to take out a lot of the padding that asics put in there shoes. The orthotics were also expensive and measurements were taken with a laser scanner. I do suffer a bit with patellar maltracking,probably not related as I run a half or a marathon a month

    Good luck with them
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