Wish list...

I'm coming round to a milestone birthday so started to think more about a future wish list (realistic or otherwise).

As a result, my list looks like this, probably in order of difficulty:

1 - Norseman Triathlon;
2 - Marathon - sub 3;
3 - Wimbleball - sub what I did last time;
4 - Own and learn to ride a TT bike; and
5 - Dart 10k swim

Do you have a list and if so what's on it? (I may steal ideas if they are good ones!)


  • Kona
    Channel Swim
    Atacama Crossing
    Sub 3 Marathon
    L'etape du Tour
    The Dragon's Back
    24 hour solo run
    Mauna Kea Sea to Stars

    amongst others!... 

  • Clearly I am aiming low and haven't put enough thought in- will now google the half of those that I haven't heard of!

  • Absence of love-handles.
    My life would then be complete.

  • Still being around to see my next big birthday will do !
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    First marathon - VLM spot booked

    First ironman - will do it the year after the VLM (prob IMUK if i can get a spot)

    South Downs Way in an epic short time

    After that - who knows but a ride up Mont Ventoux might be a giggle but if I got the chance L'etape du Tour would be top of my list image

    Yes i turned 40 last year and yes this is a mid life crisis image

  • World peace

    To be 30 again but with the lifestyle and attitude i have now

    Top of the range bianchi road bike

    Oh and challenge Roth and Lanza
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭


  • New ankle and knees! And a dot after my M!

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    To be 30 again but with the lifestyle and attitude i have now 

    Good post, I'd go with that as well

  • I'll settle for being able to race again once I'm over my convalescence from my hip implant op. No more IMs, the surgeon says I can't run any more marathons now. And Channel swimming is out since I crewed for the Pirate relay team and was violently seasick for 13 hours! I won't care if I never see the Channel again in this lifetime.

  • to win Friday's rollover ... so i can afford (and have the time) to do the things on TheEngineer's list



  • WildWill great post!! I'll settle for sharing it with you and engineer and pain is temporary and then doing the list!
  • 36,24,36 who goes all night and does the house work


  • Doner Kebab wrote (see)

    36,24,36 who goes all night and does the house work

    Why only 1 24 year-old?image

    At the moment I'd settle for my pre-Outlaw fitness.

  • 1. slateman

    2. Alcatraz swim

    3. IM Lanzarote

    4.IM  in Iceland ( when the they get organised)

  • Vasaloppet

    There was mention on this weeks IMTalk of a travel company doing the 2000 Tour de France route over 40 days  sometime in 2014.

  • Ooooh GUCR. Good shout. I'd actually like to run a lot of the County Ways at some point, but may leave that till I retire and walk them...

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