olympic triathlon.... is it televised?

Does anyone know if the men's and women's tri is televised? And if so what channel? I was flicking through the 20odd 'olympics' channels on virgin last night trying to find it but I failed!


  • The bbc is showing every event live, so it will be on either bbc 1,2 or 3 or on the red button or internet. But I would guess that as we have such good medal chances it will be on bbc 1
  • The problem is that I need to record it as I am not at home for either..... I was hoping that virgin had it on one of their many channels as I can't record via the red button.

    Maybe I'll just have to record bbc1 and hope for the best!
  • If you go to the sports bit, it appears that its on BBC Olympic Channel 4!

  • Men's on Olympic Channel 3. Sorry I'll clarify. Women's Sat at 0930 BBC Olympic Channel 4. Men's on Tues 1030 I think Channel 3. Make sense?

  • I''m finding that if you flick through the various BBC channels (1 and 3 so far) on the morning of the event the info tells you  what sports showing in each segment on each channel so you can set it to record the relevant segments. Trouble is they do hop back and forth between BBC1 and 3 so you have to check all segments on each one.

    You don't get the full coverage that you get on red button but it's not bad.

    Also noticed I get more sports options on red button on my sky box than I do on the BT Vision box, but neither lets me record.

  • Think I'm with you MrsDigger, just need to find the channels now so that I can record...... Where do you find them?

    The flicking between events is great for the general viewer but not good when you want to watch the whole event!
  • Women's is on BBC1 starting at 08:45.


    Not sue about the men's, but as we have a medal hope, will probably be BBC1

  • I'm fairly sure you'll be able to see it on the bbc sport olympic website as well, either live or later.

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