Great North Run half marathon in 47 days I being realistic?


Due to circumstances beyond my control (it sounds like an excuse but it's genuine) I haven't been doing the proper training required for the Great North Run but now the panic is setting in I am totally committed.

I can just about run 5 miles without wanting to collapse and die.

Do you think that it is still possible for me to get from being able to do a 5 to 13 mile run within 6 weeks?

I really want to be able to do this. Two of my friends who were doing it with me can't do it because of injury and but I don't want to waste this opportunity.

Many thanks




  • I would say can do it!!

    Loads on hear no more than me regarding running/training etc bu toff the top of my head i would say to you..


    If 5 mile does you in now, do 2 x 3-4 mile runs in the week and a 6 mile run/walk a bit run on the weekend .... Build it up 1 mile per week so in about a month you will be on a weekend 8mile run and 2 x 4-5 miles in the week.

    If you can do this after a month.....either stay as you are miles per week wise if your struggling or increase your week end run by 1 mile per week.

    By the time GNR comes round your be 'OK' and will enjoy it because the 'EVENT' its selve will give you a extra push on the day.

    All my opinion wich means bugger all!!!!!!!!

  • Barney

    Thanks very much for the encouraging reply image

    That looks like a good plan that would work for me.

    I am sure that on the day, the crowds will be a huge I don't want to be crying and crawling the last part of the race in front of thousands of people!!

    Thanks again. It's good to know that I am not wasting my time.


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