I need your help girls,

I am wanting to buy my GF some new running shorts for her birthday and was looking for some advice on which ones are best, As a male i find ron hill shorts (personally) to be of a much higher quality and they feel nicer to wear but their womens range is somewhat limited. her current fav pair (shes living in california right now) are made by a company who do not sell in the UK.


thanks image


  • I guess it depends if she likes baggy or tight, personally I like the Nike tempo shorts!
  • ... yes, it does depend on her taste and shape really, (might be safer going for a top/ jacket tbh) but seeing as you ask and seeing as i spent too long this afternoon virtual shopping for the very same, pro direct have got a good range in



    also sweaty betty flatter most women - but not the cheapest and a bit fussy styling if you don't really like that sort of thing

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Erm, us girls may all share a gender, but the similarities may end there! Might be better you ask your gf or her friends. Or if you are really stuck - you could do what my mum does - vouchers or toiletries. But if you do what my mum does, you might want to check you still have a gf by the end of her birthday....
  • I think if you're getting her kit, it's nice to get her something she wouldn't normally buy for herself. I'm sure she has lots of shorts so you'd just be replacing a slightly worn out pair.

  • Of course everyone has their own preference, there are so many styles to choose from so may be worth while having a look at her other clothes and deciding if she'd like tight, loose, plain or colourful etc. I personally like the Nike tempos as well, they're really comfortable and come in a range of fun designs

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Without wanting to sound ungrateful, I would be less than thrilled to be given a pair of running shorts for my birthday - for the reason Weeble gives.

    Something less 'essential' would be my recommendation - something she doesn't really need!

    Toiletries can be a minefield, but I'm never disappointed with Molton Brown or l'Occitane. 

  • I like the Nike tempos as well, both in terms of fit and the pretty colours! Running socks are also a good bet, as you can never have too many pairs. Whilst I partly agree with Weeble, I always love getting new running kit, and I never do throw out the old stuff (I have a washing basket where I store all clean running kit, I gave up on a drawer a while back). I also like the Ronhill ones because they have a proper zip pocket. If you want to treat her, how about something like compression tights?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Agree with Wilkie - if my other half wanted to buy me something to do with running - i'd like something that i wouldnt buy myself anyway (no energy gels, clothing). I do like the idea of gadgets and things to make life easier.

    I agree with dancing with spikes - what about some 2XU compression tights? or Skins?

  • Step away from the running shorts!  UK stuff will never compete with the kit available in the USA.

  • thanks for all the advice people, 

    I'd just like to say, this isnt all im getting her haha, i'm not that bad of a BF (i hope image)  I have quite a few things for her, i do tend to spoil her too much image

    But she has a race the week after she returns home from California  and i know she is in desperate need of new shorts (shes lost a dress size this year in training for races) she doesnt like skins or tights but thanks for that idea, i was toying with the team GB capri's. 

    I will look at the tempo shorts, she'll have 2 shorter runs before race day to make sure they work ok for the day.


  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    Without wanting to sound ungrateful, I would be less than thrilled to be given a pair of running shorts for my birthday - for the reason Weeble gives.

    Gosh, I'd be utterly delighted. If my BF actually managed to get (a) a make/style I liked and (b) in the correct size, I'd probably faint with shock. LOL!

    Gore's range of women's running kit is pretty good. I like their mid-thigh lycra shorts, think they're called Lady Sunlight. Nice fit and small stash pocket just below the waistband at the back,.

  • I wear nike tempo's but i'd be a bit bored if that's what my OH got me. It's not the money it's the lack of imagination, if that makes any sense.

    Now if he got a garmin watch....

  • ha, i got her a garmin for xmas, we share virtual partner data..aaww how cute image

  • Get her uk running kit to wind her up if she is us the Adidas top is great, proper running tops.
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