Weights AFTER circuits

Hi guys. Firstly I know this is a running forum and this is slightly off topic, but I have always came to this site for information and hope that someone here can help me. All advice is appreciated. On a Tuesday and Thursday I do a quite intensive boxing based circuit training. It is hard and I feel stronger and stronger. Afterwards my friend and I use the weights room to do some weights. As of now I am doing chest and bicep Tuesday and tricep and shoulders thursday. I am heavy trying to lose timber. He's smaller and trying to get bigger. I still go running Friday and Sunday morning too. 5 miles and 7 miles. Now the advice I need is regarding the weights. I KNOW I am not doing any leg work (although the circuit incorporates this), no back work and no abs (again lots of this in circuits). Would I be better not doing specific groups of weights as I am now and instead doing whole body exercises? I read up once that full body exercises are better. I feel as if working a group once a week isnt really showing much change to my physique. If so what are they and does anyone have a little routine for two days a week? I genuinely don't have the time to do more days in the gym. As I say, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks again.


  • A fairly basic premise of bodybuilding is that you can't improve one part of your body if you don't work the others at the same time.  It's an inbuilt protective mechanism, which doesn't want your body to become inbalanced.  You COULD specialise some years down the line, but that's 100% the wrong move at this stage.

    Do only compound lifts; bench, deadlift, squat, shoulder press, pull ups, etc.  All compound exercises.  You need core work to stabilise your body for pretty much all exercise, so if you don't do this, your body will hold itself back.  Paula Radcliffe once said that much of her later improvement came from the suplimentary exercises she was doing, rather than adjustments to her running.

    I would look to do about 2 working sets of each exercise, medium reps and two sessions per week.

  • I always have a chuckle at those guys down the gym with their massive arms and skinny little legs.

    But seriously if you want to lose weight then leg exercises require so much more power.
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