Nike Rongbuk GTX Terrain? they fit but are they trail runners?

In my quest for a wide enough trail shoe i found these,they fir ad are comfy,dont actually feel like a hiking shoe,some sites say it does both running and walking...


any thoughts? know its not an minimal shoe so wont feel the ground but its sure look and feels ok.


  • Jeremy

    I have pretty wide feet, got myself a pair of Asics Gel Trabucco GTX off Amazon for £65. First trail shoes for me as I normally wear Asics Gel 3030 on the roadto deal with over pronation.

    I can't wear Adidas - too skinny, but Asics seem to be generous on the width.

    Good luck _ i see you have posted a fair bit on trail shoes?



  • Yer sorry guys just struggle getting wide enough shoes Iam in a pair of inov8 as I type but they are going back
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