Pirate autumn bimble?! 3 Molehills, Box Hill, Dorking, 25 November

Guys and gals

I'm going to enter the 3 Molehills as a bit of an autumn bimble. I marshalled at the finish last time and it was awesome. Everyone seemed to really like it. Details here; 


I'm well 'ard so am going to do all three legs (probably!), but there is a girly option of a relay for those who fancy coming along purely for the social side... it's for charidee and everything so we can feel vaguely virtuous for a change.

Bottle of beer for soloists at the finish, bottle of wine for the teams, so that's the booze sorted, who's got a barbie they can bring?! (NB I have no idea if a BBQ is allowed, but you never know with the organisers, there might be a chance if enough of us do it?)

So... you in?



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