Pirate autumn bimble?! 3 Molehills, Box Hill, Dorking, 25 November



  • We can always find you a job Gladys image

  • Sounds very fun!! image

    HC is this one of you events? I did the Denbies 10 two weeks ago, presume you're involved in that as well? Loved it hence signing up for the Three Molehills!

  • Yes GB one of ours image.  It's a bit like Denbies 10 but with mores hills, beer and chaos.  You'll love it image

  • I can't wait image Think there are quite a few signing up from our club, mainly for the solo event I think. I'm going to earn that sunday pub lunch afterwards!!

  • Solo has been very popular this year... bonkers image

  • I thought it was you I'd seen at the Denbies 10 GB but wasn't certain enough to come and say hello.  Shall keep an eye out for you at Molehills.

  • ahh, I wasn't donning pirate colours at Denbies 10, I didn't spot you I'm afraid. Very good race, a sprint finish to get 5th place nearly killed me down that hill!

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