The Hay Hill Raiser 11

I'd really like to give this a go, but just how tough is the route? The opportunity to combine running and book shopping is too great to ignore!!


  • Hi Georgina

    I had a chat with a couple of my fellow Hotfooters who have run the race as well as done this route as part of training and they say that first couple of miles are fine, there is a little bit of a lump to get over, but once you've got over that it levels out before the storm back down the hill.  It is a beautiful course and the cakes at the end are fab!  Hope to see you there.

  • I thought up the route and have run it (not raced) several times. It's a very beautiful course with a good climb about a third of the way. Apart from the real mountain goats everyone walks that bit and then you're at the top with wonderful views and a fast down hill to the finish. A real mixed field of abilities. I'd highly recommend it!

  • Thanks Rachel and Jo, good to hear! I signed up yesterday. It'll be nice to do such a beautiful route. I walked around there the last time I was in Hay. Might try and squeeze in a parkrun at the Forest of Dean as well. I'm staying with a non-runner friend in Hereford.

  • Less than a week to go!! Hereford plans fell through so I might stay with family in Bristol the night before, or get up über early and drive! Anyone else doing this?

  • Stay as near as possible and feel refreshed for the hills!

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