Weight Gain??


I have noticed that when i train for an event I gain weight- around half a stone which really shows on my 5ft 2 frame- before my marathon and current half marathon training my body composition was 51kg, (8 Stone) with 20.1% body fat- now im in the throws of my training, once again i find myself half a stone heavier with almost 22% body fat, an inch bigger around the waist, hips and legs, my clothes are tight and i dont have the muscle tone in my stomach that i did. (Ive been told I have a slightly 'softer' shape)

Id like to think that this was down to eating too much but i monitor what I put in so I know I am not eating excessively.

This is really discouraging for me as I enjoy sport very much- anyone else find that this happens to them?


  • In 99/100 cases - More weight either equals eating more and exercising less, or your scales are wrong. Sadly it's simply adding and subtraction.

    Do you snack at all? Do you keep your fluid intake up? (Dehydration can be a cause of weight gain if you start hydrating suddenly from a below-needed level)

  • Hi - Thank you for the response! I do snack, and i didnt think excessivley but I have noticed feeling hungry almost constantly.

    As for dehydration, I *thought* I was drinking enough, but looking around RW and other nutrition sites it re confirms what you have said to me. Could it really cause half a stone in weight?

    Also would water retention cause the extra inch on my hips and thighs?


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    I suspect you are priestly over compensating with food for the amount if training. I never lose any weight in heavy (for me) training because it just makes me do hungry. I read that this is a more common effect in women than men due to hormones. Have you tried using My Fitness Pal or similar? Think you need to work out what calories you need, what you are burning and count up what you are actually eating. It's really easy to eat more than you think.
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    Apols for the typos!  Should read probably.  You won't really retain water on your hips and thighs.  But you know that really.  Other thought is where you are in your cycle?  As you may gain before and lose more after your period which was be distorting the picture a bit.  

  • My cycle started again yesterday (i.e day one of my period) but I have never noticed any problem when i'm not training.

    I've had a God awful cough this week so have dropped a couple of runs as I've been less than enthusiastic and very tired. Surprisingly the little break has seen me drop 3lb in weight In just three days...

    Someone did mention to me that I might not need a very intensive training plan, and some people work better that way. That made me think as I've often had the over tired can't face it feeling when my training ramps up.

    Urgh.. Ideas??

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    The weight loss is most likely the period starting and losing retained water. And I always feel crap and sluggish before and speed sessions are a write off!
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