The Trionium Wife-Carrying Race 0.25

The 6th UK Wife Carrying Race will take place in Dorking on 24 March 2013 - but you don't have to carry your wife! Anyone weighing at least 50kg can be carried, whether you are related or not.

The race in 2013 will feature improved goodies, the usual water hazard and straw bale hurdles and the possibility of global fame (if not fortune).

Right.... who's up for it?!


  • Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a £100 bonus for the first couple to use the 'Reverse Estonian' or 'Dorking Hold' to complete the course from start to finish.

    "Do you like Dorking?"

    "I don't know, you naughty boy, I've never tried!"

  • ...oh, and £500 in expenses to the winners to represent the UK at the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July 2013.

  • 20 couples registered to take part already (with 2 months to go)... looks like it will be a record field!

  • Have now full agreement (after rampant refusal) from real wife to enter with me. Daughter now photographer instead of proxy wife. Should have known there would be an "angle".........................There was !!!!.................Got it today.................. "I'll need a new out fit"


  • What, for the race? This I've gotta see!


  • Done - entered all of them except Leatherhead. Wife has elevated expectations to "vaste homage" on her 50th birthday instead of new outfit. I think this means a big present. 

  • Rob, have you seen this image

  • He he... good one! Fame at last. 30 couples signed up so far... a record entry. Entry still open (50 max...)

  • Is the race taking place despite the weather?
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    Oh yes! 38 couples registered to compete - the biggest field yet. Everything prepared... come along and enjoy!

  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    Well, that was fun. Thanks to everyone who took part!

  • That was so much fun, Thank you for amazing organisation


  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    You're welcome - I enjoyed it too. Photos, video and results are up on the web site, UK Wife Carrying Race.

  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    Matt Witko - our winner in 2013 - has gone to the World Championships in Finland and has taken the bronze - on his first attempt!


    Well done Matt and Harriet!

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