I'm a whale and I need to sort my life out!


My name is Hannah, and I've HAD ENOUGH! I am overweight and hideously unfit.

I want to lose weight, get fit and find something to direct energy towards. I suffer from depression and general lack of energy and direction in life.

I started running yesterday, I only ran for about 3 mins and then I walked quickly for another 20! Today I ran a little more, and this afternoon I've just downloaded the c25k app, with the intention of giving a little more structure to my running!

There is a 5k on the 4th Nov that I want to aim for, so thats the plan!

Anyway, hi everyone! Anyone else starting from totally useless - aiming to be a goddess?!



  • Hi Hannah, 3 mins isn't bad for a first run. Which 5k are you aiming for?


  • Congratulations on your start.  I started running from one lamp post then walking to the next.  Your 5K goal is very doable.  Good luck and let us know how you get on image.

  • This one!


    The Run for Heroes one, if you can't see it. 4th November.

    Will be interesting to see how I get on with the c25k thing, the intervals may be quite challenging! But I'm determined to do something about my weight (I have a young horse to ride, but I'd feel cruel atm!), so GAME ON!

  • Me too except I'm more of a piggy image. First joined here last year but got pregnant with my second child so never really got started with running, baby is a couple of months old now so I'm ready to get cracking. Have ordered some trainers and the Zest running book which is meant to be really good and has bits you can fill in with your progress apparently, and gonna get the C25K app for my phone. Feel a bit apprehensive as I'm three stone heavier than I'd like and will have to go out in daylight for a few more weeks!

  • Well done on your decision Hannah and good luck.

  • Haha, I understand the going out in daylight fear! I even bought myself some lycra yesterday :O yep, seriously! I'm rocking the cellulite look at the moment, but I'm convincing myself that I'll feel better when the people laughing now see me get fit and attractive again!

    At least you had a baby, my excuse is too much chocolate!

  • Ah, a lot of ice cream and chocolate have gone into building the champion I am today, two babies in two years haven't actually made that much difference!

    I've ordered some shorts to wear over my leggings to cover my ar*e a bit, I worry about lads shouting things from vans like "sack of rice" or "two puppies fighting in a bag".


  • I am choosing where I run quite carefully! Currently running on the common, as roads hurt my ankles image and it has the added benefit that there is almost nobody there!

  • Unfortunately I haven't got much choice, the park is a good 2 or 3k away all uphill, and I'm not up to running there yet. I live in the sort of area where you have to stay out of the park after teatime anyway so it's pavements for me, though there is a playing field at the back of my house so I might use that in future. No way am I going on it in school holidays though, the local kids like to exercise their wit and I would be an ideal target wobbling round and round! I might go down to the waste ground at the other side of the motorway if I need grass, there might be a few horses on it but they tend to be discreet when they laugh.

  • Welcome Hannah - well done on your starting to run and best wishes for your 5k - if you are getting sponsored for Run for Heros and you have a just giving page or anything stick it on and I will sponsor you. 

    Also good luck on the weight loss - it can be done image


  • Good Luck Hannah. You are definitely on the right track. Keep posting your progress on here! x

  • WhaleWillRun wrote (see)

    This one!


    The Run for Heroes one, if you can't see it. 4th November.


    Looks like it will be good.

  • Hello Hannah, well done on starting your training. Have you heard of parkrun? They are free, timed 5k runs throughout the country. People participating complete in a whole range of times, from 15 mins through to 50 or more. So it's a friendly, inclusive environment to take part in. www.parkrun.org.uk

  • Hi Hannah, first of all congratulations on your first run, getting out there for the first time is definitely hard but now you've done that you're on your way to a new life of fitness! I started running last year and did c25K as well and after that I did the bridge to 10k app. I can't rate c25K enough, I couldn't believe that after 9 weeks of running I had gone from dying after 30 seconds to running non stop for 30 seconds. Keep at it and you'll do fab. A couple words of advice, make sure you get a gait analysis and proper running trainers and also download a running app like Nike+ or RunKeeper. They're really useful tools to see how far you've run and track your progress over time. Good luck for the 5K, you can do it!

  • Welcome Hannah, I am more of a Hippo than a whale image but also pretty new to running. Agree with the others about c25k, and also consider running with other people.

    Despite all the advice here that says 'join a beginners group', I thought I knew better and avoided it until I was 'better at running'. Was really struggling, to the point of almost giving up, when I finally plucked up courage to go along and have a go at beginner's night. Can't recommend it highly enough; they go as slow as the slowest person in the group (which isn't me any more!), and it's lovely to be out there chatting with other people.

    However you do it, good luck, and enjoy.

  • Hannah:

    I was 15 st 8 lbs on 21st March. 

    I started dieting that day, and started running on 1st of May myself.

    The first week of running was doing between 1 and 2k each day was more walking and a lot less running then i would like. 

    Now I can just about stagger around 10 Miles.

    With regards to the Diet I stepped on the scales this morning at 12 Stone 2 lbs.  So 48 lbs lighter, so please don't despair it's possible.  I had to go up 5 floors of stairs at work yesterday, at the beginning of this year i'd have had to stop for a breather half way up, and without thinking about it I run ran up the stairs yesterday.  So just go for it.  You have to be strong. 

    Lots on here say how the running is great, and it is but the dieting is key if you really want to loose weight as well as get fit / tone your body.  Once you start upping the distance it's fantastic for toning your body,, but realistically the amount of calories your burn would at best loose only 1 lb a week and that's if you are running 20 miles, you have to do the pair in conjunction to get a better looking body, feel fitter, and loose weight.

    It's possible i've done it image


  • Keep it up because it does work. I've lost nearly 2 stone this year and I started running properly again after Christmas image Just keep plugging away and enjoy it. Aim towards your 5k which is very doable then keep setting yourself targets. If you don't reach your targets then don't beat yourself up, just continue and do your best image

    Good Stuff

  • Wow, you guys are all so nice! image Thank you for such lovely messages!

    I went for a run this morning, bit disappointed - my calves are very tight so I probably did about half of the Week 1 Day 1 run thing. But I've run three days in a row now, so its not a massive suprise I'm sore. Tomorrow I'm going to have the day off, rest up and then go again on Saturday.

    Keep telling myself, even only doing half is better than doing nothing!

    Have changed my diet as well... not starving myself (used to be anoxeric, then bullimic, and I currently border on binge eating!) but last night I had about a quarter amount of potatoes and then LOADS more veg. Felt fine! Replaced puddings (like sticky toffee/choc!) with yoghurts.... again, its not loads, but its something! Replaced bread for weightwatchers bread, and other food for the lower fat options.

    I will have a look at those park runs, never heard of them before! I might also consider the beginners night.... I'm just shockingly rubbish!

    I don't have a set of scales, so I don't know how much I weigh, but at 5ft2 I've just snuck into size 14 clothes image enough is enough. For some reason, I hold the vast majority of my weight on my stomach, out front - I could pass for someone 6months pregnant image so we'll see. I'm not fussed about weight - I just want to be a more balanced size for me.


  • making small changes to your diet will make a big difference, far more so than denying yourself. I've lost four stone like that.image

  • image Agree welcome hanna this might be useful to you if you havn't seen it already. http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/couch-5K-running-plan.aspx

    Only thing would add is your a goddess already chuck so don't beat yourself up about it. Running can be very rewarding through and fun. There are a lot of nutter's on here in a good way that can help you and share jokes. image

  • When I first started c25k I was only working 4 days a week so would go on runs the 3 days I had off. Several times this would mean running on 3 days in a row and I noticed my legs got really sore so I'd say try and avoid that. But other than that it sounds like you're doing well. Keep at it!

  • well done, keep it up, it will get easier!

    ditto on the parkrun advice, they are great for beginners and experienced runners alike from 8 - 80 (actually the youngest at our local one is 5 years old!)  - am guessing from the 5k run you are doing that you might be in the swindon area? if so there is a parkrun nearby


  • Well done! Just keep plodding on and you will get there. I started with 2 min run- 1 min walk about 4 months ago and slowly incresed my running every week. This past Monday I managed to run for 30 mins without stopping which is the longest Ive managed in years!

  • Keep at it! The C25K is amazing!! I never thought I could be a runner, but am up to 8 miles now... I was a size 18 when I started, and just last week got my first size 14 since school!! I have combined this with a healthy diet, and you do get to a point where you begin to eat what you need to eat to run well and just don't want to put too much junk in your body.

    I too would recommend going every other day, to give yourself time to recover... And just don't push it too hard... I am currently a victim of overtraining!!

    Anyway, good luck and I am looking forward to hearing about your progress!! image
  • Cheesy, but I like it:


    Inspires me anyway.

  • that is a great video image

  • Welcome to the world of being a runner hanna image

    I started running 5 years ago, like yourself i just looked at myself one day and realised how fat and unfit i was. I weighed 18stone and would be puffing and panting just getting up from the settee or walking up the stairs, i also suffered from depression and anxiety and it just dawned on me how pitiful and pathetic i had become.

    I still dont know why i chose running or what exacly was the trigger to go out one day but i waited til it was dark, i put on my baggiest clothes and went out and ran just over a mile ! It nearly killed me and i had to walk home as i was in such a state, took me nearly 2 hours before i got home !

    2 days later i went out again and ran the same mile and turned and ran 400-500 metres of the return before walking, a few days later i ran a little further. Roll on 5 years and im over 6 stone lighter, i run 4-5 times a week, i race, i do cycling sportives and i run for my local club.

    You've made a start and that is the hardest part, keep coming on here to update us

    With how you are getting on amd well done !
  • well done your already a winner making the decission to get fit...good luck you! 

  • Good for you, Hannah!  The Couch 2 5k is an amazing plan - it really does work, I'm living proof.  Before that plan, once around my (local) block was enough for me to have to literally go home and crash!  Now, I've run 9 miles without a break (and I didn't have to crash upon returning home). image

    Have fun!

    (Love the name, by the way. image  )

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