Half marathon training programme queries

OK.  So I've signed up for the Tissington half marathon in October and I'm following the RW 12-week sub-2:15 Half-Marathon schedule.

Where it gives me a pace, is that pace the threshold/speed interval pace or the average pace for the session?


I assume that the programme works if you train and race over the same terraine?  I tend to race on flattish hard surfaces- (my 10k was a road race and obviously the Tissington run is downhill on a disused railway line).  However, I live in the hills and therefore train off-road through the woods with lots of steeps.  I'm mostly running a minute slower than the suggested target pace in the programme. 

Is there any kind of conversion factor for running on and off road?  If I'm running and averaging10:57 min/mi rather than just under 10mi/mi, does it really matter?  Will I make this time back up if I'm not hurdling maize, tripping over tree roots and climbing mountains (OK, so it was only a litle over 400ft in 4 miles today).

I know that when I run on roads I generally get a new pb, be it 1k, 1 mile, 5k or cooper distance so the off road training is clearly having some benefit.  I just have no idea whether I'm anywhere cklose to where I should be in terms of fitness and speed.

Any advice?

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