Garmin question

I have just ordered a Garmin Forerunner 110, and hope that it will be here to take it away on holiday with me so I can try and run off a few holiday excessesimage. What I was wondering is, does it have any sort of 'storage' capacity, or do I need to upload the info to a computer after each run in order to log it?

Advice/ answer gratefully received, thanks.


  • It does have storage limits, but it's quite a bit.  My 305 will store about 24 hours' worth of data before it reduces the detail in earlier logs.

  • that's great thanks! I can get home to upload a couple of times a week, but not having to do it all whilst we're in the caravan makes life a lot easier.

  • You can find the manual on-line at Garmin's website, and read the full details before you get the unit -

  • lovely, time for a bit of swotting.

    It's wrong to be excited about a gadget, right?image

  • I'm awaiting my Garmin Edge as we speak.  Should be delivered today image

  • ah, you understand!

    Off to google 'edge' now image

  • In fact, it's just arrived image  Can't play with it until tonight, though image

  • @Wilkie - which Edge?

  • Intermanaut, the 200.  All I wanted was distance, speed, time, etc.

  • Please report back after you've tried it - been thinking about one of those, possibly the 500, though, because the routing would be useful.

  • I'll let you know how I get on. 

    It had good reviews on a couple of sites I looked at.  I liked the fact that it will beep at you if you start moving without turning the timer on image

  • You need to upload it, but it does have a small amount of memory, once a month would do, mine is two months old and i've set it to record as much data as possible, and it popped up a message this week saying that it was running out of space and would delete the older events soon.

    I personally update it once or twice a week.  But as long as you sync it every so often that's fine. 

    I sync it both to the internet and also to the garmin application on my mac, that way i've got it locally stored as well as online.

  • If I can find a user name that's not already taken on the Garmin site I'll register image.

  • I tried out my new toy at the weekend image

    It's very easy to set up and use.  It got satellites quickly.  It beeps at you if you forget to turn the time on when you start moving!

    It shows current speed, distance and elapsed time on the main screen, and you can also view other info at the bottom (average speed, ascent, descent and cals burned), either choosing one of those or auto-scrolling.

    You can have autopause, if you want (I don't).

    You can then upload your data to Garmin Connect and have hours of fun geeking image

    It gives you a map (which you can zoom), elevation profile, speed profile, you can view laps, you can do a "ride-through" on the map.

    Evans are (still) advertising it as having a £30 cash back offer (which you claim direct from Garmin), but this is actually only available on the Garmin Nuvi models. 

    When I pointed this out to Evans (after I'd tried to claim my cash back from Garmin), they refunded me £30 - making the cost £87.  Worth every penny, I say image

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