Swimming Challenge



  • No swimming for me this week image

  • Not many TTs done this week then! Did you see my 6:14 posted this week Will?

  • And I'll claim the 7:47.


  • Will update the spreadsheet today


  • Ooopsy, forgot to update. A 9.58 last week. And I get to swim in a 33m pool this week.
  • I am not going to get a chance to do anything this week, cept the JW at the end of the week
    hopefully back to near normal the week after

  • 8:23:13 at the end of the club session tonight. My arms almost fell off!

  • 10:05 for me this morning. Need to focus on my technique and speed over shorter distances methinks if I'm going to get my time down below 10 minutes on a consistent basis.

  • Not had chance to knock out a 400m swim time recently but another PB at IM Wales on Sunday 1:06:18 image

    Hoping to get down the pool later this week to see if I can smash sub 7.00

  • Well done, great time BB!!

  • Nice on Barlos. Isn't that 6:57/400m. IN THE SEA???

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Nice on Barlos. Isn't that 6:57/400m. IN THE SEA???

    Yes must be something like that, shows what difference a wetsuit makes to my swimming, also cant discount the draft effect from so many swimmers, I guess youre effectively swimming in a flow of water created by the 100's of swimmers in front. 

  • Nice swimming Barlos

    I'll pace you to sub 7 if you like  image

  • 7:35 again for me this week


    Not seeing much improvement image... I think I'm going to have to introduce a 3rd weekly swimm session for a while .... maybe start doing: -

    1 x Interval
    1 x Drill
    1 x long steady

    Think I will wait till the clocks change to make it a bit easier getting up on a morning  image

  • 6:14 for me again

  • I think its very difficult to improve on 2 swims a week. We're in the pool for 6am training tomorrow morning image 

  • 3 to improve is the rule of thumb I believe image

  • Melds most years I average 1 session per week image


    Swam this morning ... just an AE swim ... slowed it down and took it back to basics ... dropped my stroke rate to 1 stroke every 1.16 secs on focused on a nice long reach and slightly open fingers ... averaged 2mins per 100m .. felt quit good image 

  • Still missing my 6:14 from last week Will image

    Do you think we need to change the rules slightly to make it easier to score points? We could keep going as we are, but if you're behind by say 100 points and have to beat your PB just to get a couple of points then points seem a bit pointless.. i mean if you equal your PB, surely that should be worth something? Beat your PB for a bonus.. I think otherwise it will reach a stage that nobody will be able to score at all.. i think i'm nearly there image

  • I've been pondering this i have a few ideas 

    was thinking each week ...

     ... if you match or better your Base score you get 15pts bonus
     ... if you get within 5secs of your base you get 5pts bonus 
     ... Top 5 each week get a Bonus of 5,4,3,2 & 1 pt

    What you think?

  • Sorry I have been missing the last couple of weeks, swimming has been minimal due  to racing and work. I managed to get one session in this week and did a PB of 7m 40s which I was v v happy with!

  • Sounds good to me WIll and easier to get points on the board which is more motivatingimage

  • That sounds good!

  • *** NOTE OF CHANGES ***

    From next Week points will be allocated as follows.

    1pt for logging a Time in a week
    2pts for every second you better your BASE TIME
    15pts bonus if you match or better your BASE TIME
    15pts bonus if you match your logged PB
    5pt bonus if you get within 5secs of your BASE TIME

    Top 5 improvers (in seconds based on base time) each week will get bonus of 5,4,3,2 & 1pt




    Now the question is ..... can i write that as an excel formula??? image

  • Reset scores?

  • Nope ... Going forward .... next week is a new month so makes sence just to start new scoring from new month 

  • cool, that excel sheet will keep you busy image 

  • better get back down the pool then


  • Cant I just go back to an Outlaw swim related base time ?!!....   image

  • Noimage

    But if you dont manage to better your time in a month your follwing months base time will be slower anyway 


    Thus you went from a 6:39 base time in August to a 6:48 in September

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