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  • Ron Welcom


    I will add your time as this Months Base time ... just start posting a weekly 400m time 

  • Ron have you got gills? Seriously impressive times, well done and welcome.

    A 6.22 for me today. Sadly I think the 2 sec drop is a reflection of not enough water time and my overall fitness declining.  

    Punished myself with 4 x 100 on 90 secs with 30 secs rest.
    Then (more sensibly) did a load of technique stuff.

  • Not really been keeping up with this, as it didn't fit in with peak/taper for Tenby. But I had a crack today and logged 7:30, which is a PB for me image. I think I swallowed enough water to have waded the last 50 if I'd needed to.

  • Did a session this morning. Did 2x100m, 2x200m, 2x100m w 15s rest then cracked on with a 400m. Got it in 7.17, so I smashed my pb which I'm really happy with, although to be fair I'd never actually gone all out for a 400m before, they were always part of other sets. I wasn't sure what time I was aiming for, so pacing was tricky. I know what I time I can do now so I think I can shave maybe another 5-10s off pretty quickly with better pacing.

    Finished off with 1x100m, 1x200m, 1x100m w 15s rest to total 1600m (plus warm-ups/cool-downs) which is the most I've ever managed in a session.

    Just have to say I thought that being effortlessly passed by a teenage girl (who was in the middle of a 1k+ set) when you're setting a PB would be pretty demoralising, but I actually found it quite motivational!

  • Managed to get back in the pool today. Started the Swim Smooth programme to see if I can sort out my swimming. Absolutely hated the sculling drills.

    Did manage to get 2000m done though so chuffed with that, furthest I've swum in ages. Included some lengths with paddles. Boy do you notice what your hands are doing when you have something attached to them, couple of times my hands jerked to one side as I was about to bring them out of the water for the next stroke.

    New 400m time for me this week. Not a good one as it was part of the session and I'd done all the warm up sets. 11min 7seconds.

    Hopefully by the time I finish the programme I'll have seen that time come back down.

    One good thing about today though was I found out from one of the regulars which lanes I can really use pull buoys and fins in.

  • Been a bit slack on this since IM Wales

    will be back down the pool this weekend


  • and I have had a dodgy back this  week, hope to record a better time Thurs/Fri this week

  • Just checking to see what my last time was as I am going to do Winterswim alongside this as well ... nothing like some added motivation and the start of a 30 week plan!!

  • ...and currently second fastest female

    image    (while it lasts)

    Cant begin to imagine who is in front of me!!!   image

  • As part of my set tonight I did 5 x 100m at CSS, supposedly 1:54

    1:45, 1:50, 1:54, 1:55, 1:54. Pacing needs improving! Nice to have the pool to myself too.

  • I know not really the point, but how deos everyones else 200m times compare to their 400m TT?

    I did a 200m TT last night and clocked 3.01. (comapred to 400m at 6.21). I was chuffed to bits and want to break 3 image

    Sorry if this is geeky, ignore me and I will get my stato fix in winterswim.

  • Really am hoping to get down the pool this weekend

  • Chest problems have ment no swimming for me thois week

  • Muffin, FWIW:

    200m 3:40.97
    400m 7:28.93


  • 200m 3.20 ish
    400m 6.39

    I could obviously try harder on one of them !!

    Mind you saying that 20 secs difference is same as you Muffin, perhaps its Cat that needs to work harder on the 400!!??

  • Hi Will, couple of scores on the board for the last 2 weeks.

    Did a 7:51 in my last sprint race of the season last week, despite being held up a couple of times and then back in the pool this week and managed a 7:32.

    Amazing what 10 days rest can do.
  • 200m - 2:56
    400m - 6:14

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    200m 3.20 ish
    400m 6.39

    I could obviously try harder on one of them !!

    Mind you saying that 20 secs difference is same as you Muffin, perhaps its Cat that needs to work harder on the 400!!??

    Is your maths correct there Meldy? 2 x 3:20 is 6:40....so the same as your 400m time.... I think you do have gills. Can you down pints without breathing?

  • Thats kind of where I was coming from .. but then if you look at BK and Muffin then they have a similar set of figures as well

    So perhaps its you that needs to practice drinking pints through your ears  image

  • Managed to do two sets of 400m front crawl and a set of 200m breaststroke this morning.
    No lane swimming which made it both easier in that I wasn't having to wait for people in front of me in the lane and more difficult because I had to navigate around some people (good practice for open water racing image).

    Bit gutted as I managed to erase the log for the first set on my Poolmate while checking it. Upside is that I know I can swim quicker than I have been under the right conditions.

    Going to use my second set time of 9 mins 52 seconds for this weeks time which is still an improvement.

  • Haven't done many TTs recently but I've almost nailed tumble turns. Hopefully that will speed up my TTs image

  • It would most certainly hamper mine as I'd have to walk back from the wrong side of the pool   image

  • Finally managed a swim 8:05 which considering IM Wales was 5 weeks ago, I am really please with.


  • SA ... was that swim today ... or last week?

  • WildWill..... wrote (see)

    SA ... was that swim today ... or last week?

    It was on Saturday 20th


  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Can I join in too? Did 400m in 8:01 for the winter swim this morning.

    pretty sure I can beat this though as it was my 3rd attempt, I miscounted on the first 2, I am really bad at counting lengths.

  • Hope to get back into this now the niggles have gone .. will try and do a timed 400 this Friday although I dont think I am quite up to speed yet

  • I hope to get in the pool tonite ... fingers crossed

  • Managed to get in the pool last nite and managed to set a new PB of 7:16

    Happy with that image

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