ASICS GEL-FOUNDATION 10,are they quite roomy?(2e)

does anyone know if these shoes are quite roomy iam 2e in new balence,and have flat feet.


dont fancy the nb940 as i dont like the lump of plastic on the arch,had 850`s and didnt liker them,best for me was 859`s


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Wow... The first person I've seen mention the gel foundations! I'm a woman do the sizing may differ but from my shoe - its roomy and very good width wise. I tired saucing and they felt a little restrictive on the top of the foot but the Asics are perfect for me.

    Where do you buy yours? I find the regular stores (wiggle,sorts shoes) etc rarely have them in stock
  • Tried on quite a few pairs of motion contol shoes today and came to the decission that they are too over kill for me,i dont like the lump of plastic that you can feel on your arch,so iam going back to new balence and going to give 860`s a go..

    I love nb 859 and i thought it was a motion control but iam now told its a stability shoe,prob why i thought motion c are not right.


    back to drawing board! 

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