Thames Ring

Is this event going to be on in 2013?


  • Looks like it - call for marshals has gone out from the TRA.

  • Has anybody here done this event?

    I would be interested to know a bit about how you prepare for and execute it!

  • I've done it......or better to say its done me !

    Sleep deprivation biggest problem. and you certainly get the impression that this is a little different than the usual 100mile + Ultra.

    Footcare of course is of utmost importance and I wouldn't recommend this race for non-Swimmers.


  • Hi Ben

    I did the race in 2011 and wrote a pre-race as well as race reports for my club website.  Link to pre-race below, race reports are further down in the archive.

    As you'll see my preparation was probably a lot less than many others, if not everyone else in the race, but I did finish! Would do it again in 2013 (having said "never again" of course) but as it coincides with my 25th wedding anniversary, I think I'd better be elsewhere!

  • Cheers for that!

  • I'm told its planned for early July image

  • Entries are now open, if you are into that sort of thing!

  • Entry forms now been released. July 3rd has been confirmed for the event giving us 100hrs to complete 250 miles.

    Now let loose the sloths of war image!

  • Bring it on image

    Had to pull out at check point 2 - 52 miles ? witha groin strain in 2011 and stayed on and helped out at the check points.

    Will be back for another shot.

  • Good to have you on board, ND. That makes two of us sloths so far image
  • Hmm.........

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