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need a new bike, want to do tris starting next spring, will be investing around january time, how do i choose. will possibly have 4-500squids (no more, as i may have to buy a car too - for approx same cost) Currently get around on big brothers ancient dawes racing bike which is quite heavy by nowadays standards (its about 14 years old) but will do for getting fit on. Really can't buy yet as have no money spare, but want to be fairly knowledgeable by the time i do buy.


  • Moosey,
    Do you know anyone close to you who's into bikes? If so 2nd hand market is a good place to start...
    Failing that you can get 'decent' new ones for the kind of money yer looking at spending...
  • At the back end of the year there are normally pleanty of bargins around due to bike shops wanting to clear space for the new seasons stock
  • When I asked the same question on a cycling forum, I was recommended a Orbea Larrau.

    They are around £500. Still haven't bought one yet though.
  • there are loads of suitable bikes for less than 400 quid. get a cycling weekly or other cycling mag and you will find bargains. many are mail order which is no problem as long as you make sure it is the right size. you may want to go for a hybrid if you want to use it for recreational cycling as well. most tris, shorter ones anyway, will let you do it on a non specific road bike. And don't get caught up in the this is dearer so its faster or better or whatever, triathlon is as anal as cycling so there will always be someone telling you that you need this or that to make you faster. Bottom line is its the legs that turn over the cranks. even a 5k bike don't ride its self. I did my first Ironman on a £40 old raleigh from a local ad and it did the job. One thing you should have are gear changers incorporated into the brake levers they make a lot of difference to your comfort and ease of changing especially on climbs. Good luck.
  • Moosey - might be nowhere near you but Halfords at Sutton (nr Croydon) had a few 2002 racers going for £225, and not a bad spec (according to biking mate with me at the time) Brand spanking, just been lost in the store room all this time apparently ...
  • Ooo - I live in Sutton, must pop down and have a look tomorrow.

    Where do you live Kanga?
  • Southfields. With Mrs & Wee Kanga back in Oz at the mo I've been hitting the tow paths and cycle tracks. On Sunday we followed the Wandle trail from Earlsfield to Carshalton, then with the bottom bracket seizing up headed for the bright lights of Sutton and thankfully Halfords, for a little lubrication.
  • Moosey - Cycling weekly is a good bet.
    Also when you are out cycling - look out for where all the cyclists hang out - cafes. They sometimes have notice boards there where you can pick up bargains.

    The frame is the most important bit - if its good and it fits you, then you can upgrade the rest of the bits over time.

    What height are you btw ? If you are tall then you'll be onto a better chance as there are more bigger guys bikes open to you.
  • 5ft8and an important half.

    but most of that is my extra long neck.
  • :o(

    So what hope is there for me, when my 12-year-old daughter's bike is too big for me?
  • Tee hee. Er, how long is your neck ? Have you had it stretched like that tribe in Africa ?

    JJ - depends on how tall your 12 year old is ! How tall are you ?
  • 5'5".

    So's she, but her legs are two inches longer.
  • i've never measured my neck. will go and find a ruler....
  • JJ - what's your inside leg then ? You normally take around 9" off to get to your frame size.

    (how do you measure necks anyway - cos I know I'll want to compare mine now)
  • 29.5 - what's yours?

  • 33ish for me.

    So you'd be after about a 20" frame - that's pretty standard really - lotsa choice.

    Or is that your neck ??? Would explain why your head seems much bigger than your body, it's almost 3 foot closer ! Deceptive eh ?
  • inch!

    I thought road bikes were in CMs

    I'm 6'2" but only ride a 19" MTB
  • Awww - don't go bringing all that new fangled Sloping top tube MTB stuff into it Will ! ;-)

    Don't they still do the frame size horizontally, so that its the size it would be if it weren't a slopy one ?
  • neck - from dent in clavicle (v shaped bit) to under chin is 5", from slope of shoulder to ear lobe is 6".

    whats everyone else?
  • I don't have a tapemeasure.
  • bendy ruler?

  • A 19" bike????

    {Jj chokes with laughter at the silly notion of such a strapping lad on a Bickerton shopping bike]
  • [Further convulsions at image of him competing with Daz on his shopping bike, with basket!]
  • so noone else knows how long their neck is then.

    and i'm only 32" leg so guess a 23" bike?
  • I don't understand. I'm a tad shorter than WW, and yet by Cougie's reckoning I should have a bigger bike?

    Or does WW just have REALLY short legs?

  • neck - from dent in clavicle (v shaped bit) to under chin is only 4" ! Moosey - your neck is certainly longer than mine !

    JJ - Mountain bikes are different. With them you need to be able to stand with both feet flat on the floor, and still have a few inches of crotch clearance. (In case you fall off).

    So Will's MTB could well have a 19" frame. I bet his road bike is bigger though.
  • [flushes at the technicality of it all and rummages for a tape measure]
  • Which chin?
  • the boney one
  • Blimey - where has she gone now ?
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