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  • Moosey,

    I am 5' 9" and have 50cm and 52cm road bikes and a 15" mtb my inside leg is just over 32". The rule for men doesn't quite work for us girlies as our leg/torso ratio is different (hence the reason they make women specific bikes).
  • sorry. I was giving Minky some sales tips. He's a natural.

    Now then... There's a boney bit in your chin?
  • ok, i'm guessing i should start trying 50/ 52cm bike frames then, cheers missus l for being possibly the most helpful poster on this thread!!!
  • Giants come in : Small Medium : Large etc
  • Go for Medium - approx 50-52, sloping top tube so not exact, the small is 44cm and the larde is huge. to get a correct fit change the stem for longer/shorter or get an adjustable stem (what i did)
  • Meant large - but i guess you get the same huge effect with lard?
  • Hmmm. They would.

    I think mine is a medium ?

    JJ - they reckon that you can finetune your position with the length of the seatpost and an adjustable stem. I think it works for most people, unless you have unusual body shape. For example Moosey's basalisk like neck. (!)

    As ML says - you can get girly specific bikes, but not many of them around really.

    Although maybe before we leap onto this, we should just get you riding anything. I'll have to do an e-mail lesson on riding a bike !
    (really dunno what goes on there, but I expect I'd fall off if I had to think about it)
  • Other thing with girly bike - lower spec for same money as mens and naff colours.
  • Might be to do with smaller sales - they can't get bulk prices on those tassly streamers at the end of the bars ? (joke !!)

  • I pick my new bike up on Thursday, I can't wait!!
  • frame sizes are different for sloping downtube bikes but even a ordinary bike shop like halfords should be proficient in measureing you right. as has already been said seat post crank length and handlebar stem can all be changed to adjust your position to get you comfortable. although this can take some time so be patient with it.
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