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Hi First time I've used a forum Whats the best energy gel to take for marathon? I've done one marathon 10 yrs ago and ran out of steam towards the end. Competent half marathon runner but I've been coerced into running Dublin. Any advice greatly received Thanks


  • The ones that work best for you are the best.

  • Yeah I understand that but there's so many to choose from

  • Paul,
    as Mr 'Naut says, it's a matter of finding one that you like the taste of and that doesn't cause you to either projectile vomit or cause the world to fall out of your bottom.  Ask 5 different runners which one is best and you'll probably get 6 different answers.

    Most of the liquid gels are a mix of maltodextrin and fructose, some are blended to be isotonic for more rapid digestion (SIS and High-5) and don't require extra water- the downside to these is that they are bulkier and offer less calories than more concentrated ones.  You'll also find gels with added caffeine or l-glutamine.

    My personal preference is for the SIS Orange gels as they have a fairly bland taste.

  • I've tried a few different ones and by far my favourite is energel from myprotein. Tastes good and its pretty cheap as well. I ran out of mine during a long distance race and tried a powergel one off a nutrition table. It was awful! It really is a personal taste and also as FF says it depends on the type of gel you're looking for.

  • ... I got my ingredients confused, it's not glutamine that's added to the SIS burner gels it's carnitine.

  • I like GU gels. I think they taste better than most of the others, and have a wide range of flavours to keep things interesting.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I like SiS or Powergel personally. I tried hi-5 but it didnt settle on my stomach. When i was working out what worked for me - I got one of each brand and tried it out to see how it settled on my stomach etc.

  • Strawberry Shot Blocks are quite nice, I usually just stick with Jelly Babies though,

  • I think I'm getting the idea

    Try until I find one that doesn't give me Delhi belly symptoms and tastes nice

    Thanks for your input
  • High 5 isogels for me!
  • FerrousFerret wrote (see)'s a matter of finding one that you like the taste of and that doesn't cause you to either projectile vomit or cause the world to fall out of your bottom...

    I don't think anyone could put it any better than this... LMAO! image

    I'm fairly lucky in that most gels agree with me okay and it's just a matter of taste. High5 are quite nice. So are Powerbar Tropical flavour. But in general I prefer to eat real food for energy while running. You don't HAVE to use gels you know. Though they are easier and less messy to carry than most other tasty nibbles...

  • I guide like the TORQ ones, nice flavours and easy to digest when I really don't feel like it. Rhurbard and custard is ace !! and also the Banoffee one with extra caffeine
  • Hi all. I found that they are all the same to me. I'm not sure how many I consumed but they kept me going in Dublin marathon last week. Loved it!!! and I would recommend it to everyone. Perfect weather, friendly runners and a great crowd cheering you on.

  • TORQ for me - the most natural tasting that I have found.

    Mind you by the time you have had 4 or 5 and are 23 miles in they all taste pretty revolting.

  • I haven't noticed much difference between them. Personally though I prefer SIS because you don't need to take water with them, and they taste okay.

  • Paul, SiS have good gels, they are great as not too sticky like lucozade. Would recommend viper by maximuscle , they have added caffeine which can really guve you a burst of energy.
  • Kendal mint cake!

  • Another vote for SiS gels over here- reasonably bland, 'clean' in the mouth instead of sticky and not too heavy on the stomach. Also, you don't have to take water with them so they're quite convenient image

  • I'd definitely try and find some of the leading brands that you like/stomach gets along with - that way when you're given them at a feed stop or race bag you can tuck in without wondering what effect it will have. I also vote for SIS Go gels in orange, but generally find the fruity ones taste weird, especially if they have caffeine added. I don't normally eat sweets or dessert so I find the promise of a chocolate Gu gel or Cliff Shot very motivating as its practically the only time I eat anything as naughty-tasting as that! The coffee and vanilla ones are also yum.
  • High5 make me feel sick but whenever i've used them i go faster...admittedly not for a marathon.

    there website has some good nutrition plans on it to give you an idea of frequency and volumes

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