• Inocent- I don't think your friends deserve you.

    My old friendships died off and I haven't replaced them with new ones. I think if I didn't have my wife and daughter, I would be very lonely right now.  However, I don't want any more weak friendships.  I want a friend who loves and cares for me- and me for them.  If I can't have that, I'd rather just leave it be.

  • How sweet of you to say Faithsdaddyimage

    But I guess I just keep giving and people keep taking. I always forgive, because I feel bad if I don't.

    I only dropped one friend, and that was because she stole from me. And it was when I was at my lowest. My mother had just passed, so I was very weak.

    But I will never be friends or forgive her.
  • That's terrible Inocent-  that your friend would abuse your trust when you were at your lowest.  Surely that's a time when you most need support, not problems.  I wouldn't be friends either, but I'll always forgive and forget- for my sake, not theirs.


  • I love to socialise with my friends and we also play sport alot with regards to football and go to the same university (different courses) so the student union is a familiar stomping ground. however when it comes to real strenuous exercise eg running and weight baring work I have realised you can only count on yourself to be committed and i hve frequently been let down by my closest friends on that particular area but not in any other area!

  • What about pleasant surprises from friends that were totally unexpected?

    Something that restored your faith in human nature?

  • I've still got friends from school but numbers are dwindling!As most of my mates are lads, whenever they get a girlfriend I never see them again!

    I've got a few girl best mates, one of which I haven't spoken to in a few months over something very petty but wound me up. Normally I'd just put up with stuff for a quiet life, but I didn't that time.

    I'd rather have a few great mates than loads of average ones.

  • I have 4 friends that I would do almost anything for.  They have been there for me when I have needed them and in return I look out for them.  Most of them I don't see very often because they all live far away, but we text somewhere between daily and once a week to just check on each other.

    I have a huge number of friends who I am less close to but would be there for if they needed me.  These are a changing group depending on the circumstances of our lives at the time.  This group are also the ones who help keep me grounded and they have been superb in the last 6 months while I ahve been separating from my husband and relocating across the country.

    Then there are the people that I do sport with.  They are good company and we have a good time socialising but the main reason we get together is because of our mutual sporting antics.  Some of them I know fairly well, but most of them I know little about other than their sporting ability.

    As I am not close to my family I need my friends around me.

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