Home Run Richmond to Putney

I recently came across the http://www.homerunlondon.com/ website and thinks it's a cracking idea but because I don't work in central London there isn't any routes available that I can do. You can suggest routes so I voted for Richmond Station to Putney Station. If anyone else thinks this would be a good idea then please vote on the website as well. The more people who suggest a route the more likely that the new route will be made.


  • Couldn't do link - but I would have thought Richmond to Putney was one of the easier routes - just follow the Thames Path - short cutting from Barnes to Putney if you want, then at Putney Bridge turn right for Putney rail station or across and under the bridge to Putney underground.

  • Just managed to get link - apologies as I was thinking you wanted to find a route rather than what I think is meant to be an attempt to form a running groupimage.

  • Hi Bear, yes the route is easy enough, you can run along the river or make the route a little longer by going through Richmond Park. Thought the Home Run London was a good idea though because they take your bags etc to the finish line plus there is the social aspect too. At the minute I'm happy to run home on my own but once it gets darker I avoid running on my own at night.

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