Benfleet 15

prov. date 20th January 2013



  • I'm in.....was my first 15 miler last year so have to improve my time!

    Is it possible for you to confirm my entry, can't seem to locate a receipt....thanks image

    Liz Smith

  • Hiya Liz, yes you are on the entry list - thanks.
  • Thanks Karl! image

  • Hi karl will be entering again this year. was just wondering if you know where it will be starting from this time around  

  • Looks like the Hadleigh castle start that we had this year.

  • Hiya all,

    the provisional route will be exactly as our route for the 2012 race. We may need to tweak some parts of it to avoid any Olympic remnants from the mountain biking but essentially same start and finish areas at Hadleigh Country Park.

    (plus we may also tweak it in places to make it a little bit "interesting"  image )

    Nearing the 100 runners entered, so if you want a place please enter early as we will not have entries on the day, and due to this course we have limited entry.





    If anyone has a Garmin export from the 2012 Race I would be grateful for a copy sent to me for reference please...? image

  • The Benfleet 15

    20th January 2013

    Provisional Course (subject to change, if not muddy enough!)

  • Hi, Trying to plan a London Marathon build up (first time), and this distance will be spot on for my build up. Is this all off road?

    Thank you


  • Hiya, it is mostly offroad with stretches on gravel path and some pavements around Benfleet and Leigh stations.

    Ideal London warmup without the joint crunching roads.
  • had a run round part of course on sunday muds coming on a treat in placesimage

  • Hmmmmm.  Maybe.  

  • Entered the race, nervous as hell but so excited!

  • I'm thinking about doing this one as its sounds so good. I'm just trying to decide if its worth the 2 hour drive there and same back?

  • Sharon - Hadleigh Down is lovely, thou only done XC there once.
  • Aaaagh. Just tried to enter and it's full! Gutted.

    Good luck all of you, sadly I wont be there

  • Hi just ran part of the course today thought i would check out the conditions image

    lets just say the start will be very interesting after the cross country yesterday think i may wear bogg snorkeling gearimage 

  • Hi Karl - just seen on the start list that I'm down as M40 - should be F40 ! How is the mud ? Have been practising losing shoes in the boggiest bits of Wimbledon common and Richmond park ready for the 20th. Looking forward to it as haven't run this one for a couple of years.

    Thanks - Nic T

  • Oh no - I've talked a friend into running this with me & have just realised that I never entered it myself & now it's full! Fingers crossed for some 'on the day' entries, otherwise I wonder if there will be any dropouts?

  • Having run the Essex XC champs this weekend at Hadleigh I can confirm that the mud is plentiful, deep, slippy, energy sapping, and err...muddy !

    I've not done the Benfleet 15 before so I'm hoping for dry weather over the next two weeks.
  • Are entries available on the day?

  • According to the Benfleet 15 website - yes but limited.

  • We have increased the entrance numbers for the 2013 Benfleet 15, after a successful 2012 race at our new HQ, however this year has seen a greater uptake of numbers and we felt it necessary to close the online entry system to allow for postal orders to be collated.

    Our entry-on-the-day desk will be open from 8.30am, and will close at 9:45am.

    Family Run starts at 10am, and entry on the day will be accepted up until 9:45am.
    All finishers will receive a medal and chocolate.

    The Benfleet 15 starts at 10.30am, and entry on the day will be accepted up until 9:45am.
    However, if we reach our limit for ordered t-shirts during this time we will offer numbers after that on the basis that those runners cannot collect a t-shirt on the day of the race.

    We think this is the fairest solution, which allows everyone the opportunity to take part in the race.

  • The course for the Family Run, and the Benfleet 15 is very wet, muddy and slippery. 

    We don't see this situation improving too much in the next two weeks, so please dress accordingly. 

    A good pair of running shoes/trail shoes and a change of clothes are essential. As is a sense of humour.

    Although we will have marshalls (86 of the lovely guys/girls) on the course, 
    please be extra careful due to the conditions this year.

  • Post your questions on our Facebook page:!/Benfleet15






  • And a big thank you to Benfleet RC and all of your marshalls - an outstanding effort all round to get this on and run so successfully.

  • Big thanks to the marshals and supporters, who really made the day. Challenging conditions but still got a big grin to go with the sore calves three days later!

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