Would it be true??

A "friend" of mine ran the Bristol Half and said she ( fit and been running for 1 year ) said she did it in 1 hour and 58 min - sounds quick to me ??? is it possible????


  • It is very possible, I think the record for a half marathon is held by Paula and is about 65 mins and it is quicker for men.

    Chatting with a fellow runner after a 5k, she stated she had run it in around 15mins, asking if she had won she replied she was about 10th, she was mistaken or lying no way could she have done it in 15mins.
  • Hi!

    1:58 is certainly possible, there are several women down my club who do under 1:40.

    As for 5k in 15 minutes, Paula Radcliffe did the Flora Light (5k) in 14:57, so yes - it's possible, but only if you are probably the greatest female distance athlete in history. :o)

  • Karen

    There were 32 women with gun times of 1:58 at Bristol this year. The fastest woman finished in 1:16:42!

    Full results on

    So now you can check up on her & share the gossip.
  • I think 1.58 or 1.52 was the time I got in my first 1/2m. This was done after about 6 months of training, and was the first time I had done the distance (been up to about 1.40 in training). There were plenty of women who finished before me
  • in 1987 Cathy Newman was first lady to cross the line in the Great West Run, I think her time was 1 hour 14 mins, I know she beat me and I finished 1 hour 15.25 mins.Cathy used to run for Exeter Harriers.
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