Gear to help with shin spints?

Hello everyone.  I've got shin splints for the second year running and have been advised to buy compression tights and neutral trainers.  (I have used and loved Brooks Adrenaline for years).

So today I bought some Brooks Defyance shoes, and then tried on some 2xu compression tights.  I was about to buy them until I saw the price - £110!  These were the elite ones and I could have bought some non-elite ones for (I think) £75 but I tried them on and they didn't feel as tight as the more expensive ones, and I thought as I'm only buying them to be tight, I might as well get the properly tight ones.

Anyway, I didn't buy any as I was so gobsmacked by the price, and thought I would go home and google.  Now I've googled all night and I'm confused.  Should I get 2xu, or Skins, or what?  And do I wear them during my run (I usually run six miles, three or four times a week) or after, or in bed?  And what about those calf compression things?

If anyone can advise I would be most grateful. 

Thank you1


  • Firstly, with a bit of careful searching and last minute bidding, you can get compression gear much cheaper than RRP on eBay. I got a pair of Skins A400 capri tights (new price about £65) for £18 including postage, brand new, all labels intact and in perfect condition. I got a pair of the A200s for £12.

    As for help with your shinsplints, I'm not sure. I wouldn't have thought compression would help with that, as it's not a muscle problem. I may be wrong though, so don't take my word for it.

  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭

    I've been advised to stretch the relevant muscles by kneeling and then sitting on my heels - it seems to work. The key though is not to overuse those muscles while running. That's easier said than done.

  • So shinsplints IS a muscle problem? I had the idea that it was a precursor to full blown stress fractures and as such was more a bone problem Am I totally wrong? image

  • Thanks both. I have gathered (rightly or wrongly) that it is a muscle problem that, if left untreated or exacerbated, can lead to stress fractures.

    Thanks so much for the eBay info, I shall have a look. I have already bought some compression socks on the advice of the girl in Runners Need, but think some nice cheap Skins might be just the ticket!

    And those exercises sound very useful - I shall definitely do them.

    Thank you!
  • If it's a muscle thing indeed, you could try a foam roller. Helped me no end with a long standing calf problem. Bloody sore at first but gets easier fairly quickly. Again available cheaper than you'd think if you look about - mine was £20 from Amazon.

  • That is a really good idea. I shall order one. Thank you
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