Hardmoors 60

Is anybody else toying with the idea of doing this one?


  • I might be interested image
    Do you have any elevation info - couldn't find any on the website?

  • I entered on Monday image

  • Yes - Not quite sent the form in but do plan to do it. Recce'd the first half of the course a few weeks ago accompanied by Tim and Ray. Tim has written a recce report which can be found here:


    We are planning a second half recce Saturday September 8th.

  • Fair bit going on in the Hardmoors FB group relevant to the race and recce's also:


  • There seems to be a bit of momentum building up behind this event!

  • THink I will be doing the 55 in March!

  • *Frodo* wrote (see)

    I might be interested image
    Do you have any elevation info - couldn't find any on the website?

    Hi Frodo - Not sure of this either, not an accurate stat out there I've seen, but HM110 is claimed 6000m, HM55 is 2700m (about right in my experiance), there will be some difference as 60 and 55 don't quite finish in same place, but I reckon 3000m asc (and probably slightly more descent) seems a safeish bet. I prefer these figures in feet though - 10000ft therabouts. A local on facebook site reckons only about 6000, but I don't believe that. It doesn't go as high as HM55, but lots of coastal undulations, dips up and down into bays to sea-level and back-up again, so its probably as tough or tougher than 55 I reckon. Will be a stunning route though image

  • Or 166ft up and down per mile, less than Lakeland 50 and 100, but still a damn tough challenge and I can't wait!

  • See you there DE on T!

  • Here is part 2 of my Hardmoors 60 recce


    Looking forward to this one image

  • Not doing it this year as doing the Ladybower 50 the day after.Been thinking about doing the grand slam next year

  • Tim Bateson wrote (see)

    Here is part 2 of my Hardmoors 60 recce


    Looking forward to this one image

    Named and shamed as a DNS, harsh Timbo!

  • As Daytrekker alludes, loads of ultra choice right now. I've recently missed Bullock Smithy and High Peak 40, former due to TDS (one of UTMB events) and latter as don't feel sufficiently recovered from former. Only two weeks to this now, so will be my next long trail and then maybe onto the - from what I'm told very different - Round Rotherham 50 (if body allows).

    Will have a good read of recce report as though I visit this coastline fairly often I've only ever run from a few miles north of RHB to a few miles north of Scarborough (supporting a HM110'er). Fair bit of undulation in that bit but enjoyable and nice running surface mostly.

    3000ft up and down covered in 17 Wolds miles today and comfortable enough over what is a similar elevation profile (smaller hills and undulations) I reckon. So 3.5x the distance, spaced that out over 12+ hours I'm feeling pretty positive about this image


  • Anybody doing the Filey 10k Beach Race the following morning?

  • Hi BD, not I, few on the facebook group are I think, 60m is enough for me and will no doubt have DIY, shopping, tidying duties on the Sunday image

  • Maria has decided to do this at the last minute. So I will be popping up along the route with our Greg to support throughout the day.

    Then on Sunday I get to do the 10k while Maria recovers/supports.

    Look forward to seeing you all there in just over a week now!
  • Two more taper runs and that is me image

    Really looking forward to this one. How many people are sleeping in the school hall after the run?

  • I definitely plan to sleep in the school hall. 

  • Just finished the Hardmoors 60.  It is easily the hardest event under 100 miles that I have ever done.  It has about 3300m of ascent/descent, and if you thought that theNorth Downs Wayhad a lot of man made steps, you haven’t seen anything yet.  The 16 hour time limit makes it a tough to complete event, especially given that your pace slows to a crawl after it gets dark. 


    Despite the name, it is essentially a coastal race.  The Hardmoors 55 is the portion of the Hardmoors 110 that crosses the moors, while the 60 is the portion that follows theYorkshirecoast.  The route takes in a lot of interesting features, and many of the coastal views are spectacular.  Navigation is easy for the most part, but there are a couple of tricky sections where the route leaves the coastline. 


    The race director bent over backwards to get me a place on the coach to the start line, after I left it to the last minute to ask him, and the marshals put on a great show.  The checkpoints are pretty well stocked, but the distance between them is quite far. 


    Perhaps you are wondering whether the Hardmoors 55 or Hardmoors 60 is the harder race?  On paper the 60 is slightly longer and has more ascent/descent, but the opinion of the people I located who had done both, was that the 55 is harder because the terrain is less runable. 

  • Well done Ben. Always fancied the Hardmoors series myself.

    That's alot of hard races you've done this year. Bloody injury has blighted my year again. I'm working so hard to be fit for the Winter 100, if that's my only other event this year i'll take it.


  • Well done, Ben - will probably do this next year
  • Well done Ben, awesome. This race served me my first DNF, have had hamstring issues all year, in 'lesser' races they have just served to slow me down, HM60 was just too tough for them and it was game over as early as 21 miles. Had a great day nonetheless as cheerleader in  residence, sans le pom poms I hasten to add, for Tim Bateson, Phil Turton, Dave Coxon and Bruce Smith who all managed awesome runs and displayed real strength out there. 

  • Sorry to hear that Alistair. Nothing more painfull than a DNF not even your hamstring.

  • Dill-The only thing you need to nail the Winter 100, is to be fit.  If you can round off the slam this year, it will be a hell of an accomplishment!

    Rich-You could do a lot worse.  In fact I am thinking about doing the 110 now!

    Alistair-Sorry to hear about your DNF.  It’s the price we occasionally pay for doing major events.  If an ultra runner doesn’t have a DNF, then they aren’t pushing themselves hard enough. 

  • Well done Ben....Alistair ..sorry you didn't finish mate, [hope your hamstrings recover soon ] Hope to do it myself next year,so you'll have to join me.

  • Ben, the event sounds great and well done on your time.  Another one to add to the bucket listimage!

  • It's a toughee alright, having dome both the 55 and 60, I think the 60 is the tougher. Took me about 50mins longer than my best 55 time. Allowing for favourable wind and being better trained (if maybe slightly over peak) my legs are probably more battered by this one. Its the steps in the ravines! Must be... :-S
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