GPS Watch?

Hi there. I am really struggling to find a watch for my wife. I have a Garmin Forerunner 405 which has GPS etc which my wife uses; I want to get a watch for her so I can have mine back!

The Garmin which I have is a bit big and bulky for her, but it does do the functions she is after, mainly she can set the pace she wants to run at, it will display this pace as she runs and also provide calories burnt, time etc once finished.

There are many Womens watches around which look ideal, but cant seem to find one where you can set your running pace. Can anyone help?





  • garmin 110 is great! easy to use

  • not bulky


  • Can I set the pace I want to run too?

  • Fair one!

  • I don't know how big the 110 recomended above is, might be worth getting a look at one.  Doesn't look any smaller than the 405, though.

    I don't know that the 110 allows you to set the pace you want to run at.  Have look at the Garmin website, that will give you more details of each model.

    I see they couldn't resist putting PINK on the women's version image

  • Personally I'd rather have a big chunky watch to a little girlie one, usually means the screen is easier to read too! image

  • I've got the 405cx and yes it is a bit chunky but for the money and what I needed it to do it was the perfect choice.

    If I were you, I'd buy your wife one (sharing something like this is always a bad thing - and I'm sure your wife does not think of her and the watch as YOUR property - this is the 21st century after all lol!), and anyway she'll get used to wearing the watch - I use the velcro strap on mine which is very comfy. 

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