running to far to much?

Hi all thanks for taking time for read my thread I am new to running and took it up to keep my health back in check. I have been running for just over two weeks I use to do stretches before i start then I would start walking then go into a run till i would run out of breath then I would walk for a while then run again I was doing this for about 2 miles 5 days of the week. I was starting running for longer and faster when last week I was in a lot of pain on a run so I had to walk home. Due to my work I was busy on my feet all day which made my leg even worse I have ended up having take about  6 days off work. I am getting a lot better what I wanted to ask was I pushing the running to much should I cut the amount of days I do and how much I run thank you for taking the time to read a super novice question


  • Generally it's advisable to run slowly so that you don't get out of breath. Then speed up naturally as you find it easier over the weeks.
  • James, static stretches on cold muscles is not a great idea. If you are going to stretch, the a warm up is needed to get the blood flowing through the muscles.

    As has been said, don't run to get out of breath. At ths stage walking quickly for a couple of miles would serve you better.

    You don't say what the injury was. 6 days off work sound significant. Did you consult a Dr?

    Inititially I would limit the running to 3 days a week. Even with short runs, your body is impacted, and needs time to adapt and recover. I saw an amazing boost to my health simply through walking, but other low impact activities include swimming, cycling, eliptical trainer etc
  • try one of the couch to 5k plans that are on here.

  • Thanks for the repleys I did speak to the doctor he gave me Diclofenac. Thanks for the advice When I start to run again I don't want to hurt myself again.

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