I'm 42 years of age and whenever I get an ache or pain it takes a bit longer to heal. I've started swiming twice weekly and if I get a running related injury it is great to know that I have swimming to fall back on. I'm not the fastest swimmer (or runner for that matter), but there is nothing worse than being sidelined from running with niggling injury. If you are new to distance swimming it can be quite daunting at first but just build up gradually 100m stints, the 200m, 400m and so on, it is amazing how easy it becomes when you get into your own pace (freestyle swimming).  the breathing in freestyle can be a bit of an issue, I find breathing on alternate sides (every 3rd stroke is just about right for me). 

Anyone else using swimming as a supplementary form of exercise?


  • I do a ton of swimming - up to 2 miles at a time, twice a week if I can. I find it a very relaxing workout as nobody can talk to you or distract you and you can't really hear anything while you're swimming. I don't use it as a replacement for running but just as great exercise in its own right.

  • I'm out with Plantar Fasciitis and have found myself swimming & cycling.  I go to a 'masters' swim session once a week then once or twice on my own. I'm not the fastest either but really enjoy focusing on technique and trying to improve.  I suspect there's a lot more room for me to improve swimming whereas in running my PB's will be difficult to beat! I don't know how long I'll be out of running for but it's great having other outlets and in future I think I'll continue all 3 rather than going overboard on the running.  Particularly after watching the olympic triathlon this morning!

  • Im just returning to running after 3 weeks off with a bruised heel, this came 4 months after a knee injury that kept me on the sidelines for 3 months! Last week I started swimming lessons in the event I'm sidelined again! I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of it as a workout and how relaxing it was - now i will definitely do it weekly as part of my training!!
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