Sweatproof sunscreen

Anyone have a recommendation for sweat-proof sunscreen, or at least one that doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes?

After a painful combination of sweat+eyes+sunscreen making me look as if I'd been sobbing for most of my run I've given in to the ideas of a few more wrinkles (not as if there's enough sun to get burnt by this summer) but am going abroad in October and will need it then!


  • It's not one I've tried myself (yet as I have a bottle on the go already) but I saw an ad for this the other day and thought it'd be worth getting hold of - it's a bit pricey but claims it's sweat resistant and it's a spray-on so should last well:


  • Banana Boat Sport is the best I've tried. Not perfect, but better than a lot of others. Though after a few extremely sweaty races where every swig of water tasted like sun cream, I now tend to just put some factor 50 on my nose and wear a skip visor thingy to keep the sun off my face...

  • P20 works for me - and to try to prevent the salty sweat running into my eyes I'll put a smear of either bodyglide or vaseline across my forehead from temple to temple just above my eyebrows.

  • Got to agree with Trogs comment. I'm fair skinned and discovered P20 about 10 years ago. It is the only "sweatproof" sunscreen I trust and use it religiously before running in the sun and on holidays alike. One application before going into the sun and thats it, job done.

  • P20 for me as well never had a problem with it.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    P20's definitely the one. Magic stuff and you get to smell like a bottle of vodka.

    One little tip - I used to think the ''20'' bit refers to the protection factor, but managed to buy some factor 10 by mistake.  The labelling's a bit too subtle.  Always read the label.  image

  • I have never associated P20 with a bottle of vodka   image

    But yes, its very everything proof as far as I can tell although for the added precaution a layer of vaseline will stop anything getting in your eyes, as the P20 wont actually stop you from sweating

  • Anyone ever tried this thing?


  • Thanks for all the replies - I'll be trying the P20 stuff out for sure!

    Oddly, the system only informed me today that there were replies!

  • And put it on properly. This means reading the instructions.

    They do not say - slap on head just before sprinting out the door and getting a sweat on.

    Ideally a shower to remove grease, then put on P20, then wait for it to dry, then a second layer, and wait for it to dry, then possibly a third to be sure. Seems excessive but depends on if you are doing an all day event and want to avoid burning or just nipping out for a 5k lunchtime run.



  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    m..eface: sounds like a lot of fannying around to me...I used P20 in 40+ degrees in Turkey this month; One quick coat all over and then out the door. Not even slightly burnt in two weeks.

  • Two weeks - Blimey. Longest race I have done is 24-hours.

    Tend to use that routine when racing IM and it needs to stay on for a 1.30 swim and then 10.5 hrs of biking and running. Not necessary for 45-min run or sitting down the pub.

  • Fair enough; If you're in the water for that long it would need a decent layer. I was talking about on holiday. Still pretty active though; couple of hours beach volleyball a day and loads of swimming. Not necessary in the pub though.

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