Any advice - all welcome!

I did the GNR a few years ago and this year as only the good memories now remain, I have signed up for the New Forest Half Marathon (going for the location).  I am running for charity so just hoping to make it round and raise as much as possible, but I am struggling.....

I am trying to do two short runs ( 2- 3 miles) and a long run a week (upping mileage on this) (though difficult to fit this in).  Instead of the runs I have been sometimes doing circuit training or long bike rides.

I am fine with short runs, but now I am on 6 miles + on the longer runs it's begining to hurt!  Any advice??

Still going to persevere but it would be good if it got easier.....I did ask a running club if I could join, to get their help, but I was rejected as I run too slowly (12 min miles).



  • Im no expert but i think you need to up your training to at least 4 runs a week, and if you are circuit training or bike riding you need to do these as well as runs and not instead of runs.

    Are you doing the one on 23rd september? that gives you only 7 weeks, so you need to start upping the mileage

    there is a good first time schedule here but as you can see it is for 10 weeks

    not sure whether the best move is start 3 weeks in or cut off the last 3 weeks?
    Doesnt matter if you can run the distances non stop or need to put in walking breaks, i think the important thing is the distance.

    As for a running club, you can always try good old parkrun, hopefully there will be one near you
    they are free timed 5k runs every week, people of all abilities go, and although its only 5k you will mix with a lot of people who can help with your training!

    good luck!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    No easy way around this - you need to run more.  Your long run is more than 50% of your training (based on six miles, and your other two runs being 2 to 3 miles).  This is too high a percentage, so you need to do more runs in the week and cover more distance.  Also circuits & cycling are good exercise, but should be in addition to your running rather than replacements.

    Have a look at the sub 2:15 schedule on this site:

    This will give you an idea of the type & quantity of training you need to put in.   

  • Thanks everyone! Looks like I will need to get up earlier then to fit runs in before work.....

    Yes it's on 23rd September - do I need to do more short runs then and stick to one long one a week?  How does everyone fit this in with work etc?

    I will try parkrun as well, I didn't know about that, but will see if there is one near me...

  • I do all my runs after work, currently monday, tuesday, thursday and a longer one on saturday or sunday  (sometimes parkrun as well as or as one of them). Can you run after work?
    I would say do 3 short and 1 long a week. the short should be at around 3 miles (or 30 mins), one of them could be short fast/slow intervals. the longer one should get progressively longer each week.

    if you are up to 6 miles now, then the simple option is to add a mile a week to your long run?

    its not scientific but easy to follow!

  • That's good going!  Yes I can run after work but have various other things on too, will try and fit more in.  My short runs are 2.5 - 3 miles.  3 mile time is coming down to nearly 30 mins or under, but longer runs are slower (so 5 miles is an hour).  I am trying to up the longer run mileage each time too, so 6 miles the other week, 6.7 this eve, 7 - 8 next week etc.  Last time before the GNR I managed up to 11 and that was fine.

    I will try and put it into practice and see how it goes!

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