Spigelian Hernia operation on Tuesday

image Gutted .........

My training has been going really really well and loving every minute of it ........ I had a Olympic Tri on 19th Aug & 23rd Sept.

I went to the doctors Wednesday as I was worried about a lump in my stomach that had appeared on Monday, he referred me to a consultant that I saw Thursday.

Unfortunately he has diagnosed a Hernia which requires immediate surgery image   I have been booked in for the operation on Tuesday 7th August.    

Worst thing is its the day we the Brownlee's will win Gold & Silver and I will be out cold for it. image  

Also has anyone had this surgery and have a idea of how long the recovery time will be before I can start training for Tri again?


  • Sorry, haven't a clue but I had a hip replacement 6 weeks ago, was allowed to return to swimming after 3 weeks, another 4 to 6 weeks before I can ride my race bike because I'm not allowed to bend more than 80 degrees yet. No running until December. I would imagine your op will not keep you out anywhere near as long.

  • I have had 2 inguinal hernias repaired.  The first one many moons ago so advice then was light duties for months.  The second one they advised on not training for 2 weeks and then start steadily with no pace or lifting for a month.  Your hernia is slightly different but still a tear in the stomach muscle wall.  This came up on google, might help http://www.ruh.nhs.uk/patients/services/upper_gi/documents/Spigelian_Hernia.pdf

    Good first lineimage

  • Thanks bionic ironwolf & JF50 ........ Booked in for 7am
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