Preston Guild Half Marathon

Does anyone know how undulating this course is?



  • It'll be gentle undulTions and little more.
  • I had a look through Google street view, seems to be long gentle inclines along dual carriage way with steeper bits towars roundabouts...totally doable...she says!

  • Should be. It's looking like I'll be in for this as injury has scuppered my marathon plans.
  • just signed up for this today. Doing Loch Ness marathon in 2 weeks so this will be the encouragement to get back into the training asap.

    Local for me - aiming for about 1.50 depending on the recovery after LN

  • Is anyone else planning to run/walk this?

    I wasn't, but I've been out with injury for several weeks now. I'm starting running again tomorrow, but the physio says I should stick with 20 mins at first and build back up. I'm still hoping to take part, but running the whole way is unlikely.

  • Not sure. Depends on how my stress fracture heals!it's great being healthy eh?!
  • I intend to run, but it's only 4 weeks after doing the Loch Ness marathon so hopefully fully recovered for Preston but you never know!!

  • Hi, this is mine & my friends first half marathon so no idea whats happens..ive entered & thats it.....what happens now, do I get a pack in the post with times to arrive & my number etc??

  • Kan - that's the usual process although some might ask you to pick up your pack on the day. Either way the admin is usually good. Enjoy the run, this is about my 50th half, there's 5000 runners so there should be a good atmosphere.

  • I'm a reasonably local lad so am in for this. I understand it starts about an hour after the full marathon!?

  • So If Ive not heard in a few weeks then what should I do ring them??


    OMG really, Im dreading it 

  • They have been decidedly slow with info on this.  I entered months ago and not had follow up emails or anything.  However, I do believe they are having an Expo type event on the Saturday and you need to pick your number up beforehand - extremely inconvenient for someone who lives 45 mins away.

  • Oh right. Where do u pick it up from then. Can u pick up other pples too
  • Hi, this is also my first half and when I entered myself & some friends I didn't realise you have to register the day before. I am not local & have other commitments so this is really inconvenient. Do they allow other people to register & pick up the number for you or do you have to do it in person? Also can 1 person register & collect numbers for the entire group? I have emailed them directly but have got no response. I apologise if this is a silly question but I have no clue what I am doing & don't seem to be able to get any info out of the organisers.
  • I've just emailed the organiser - will post here if I get an answer

  • Thanks
  • SLL - Please see response below from the organisers - pretty straightforward if not ideal for the people who have to travel - at least you can pick up on the day!!

    I am currently drafting our race information pack which will include the information that you have requested.  This information was also included in our most recent email newsletter; a copy of which I will email to you.

    However, in short, race numbers and timing chips are to be collected from the race Expo at Preston Guild Hall on Saturday 27th October from 11:00am to 7:00pm.  There will be a number of running themed stalls, an opportunity to meet other runners, as well as the chance to pick up tips from our experts, Helen Clitheroe, Ron Hill and Liz McColgan.  If you cannot make it to the Expo, a third party would be able to collect your race number and timing-chip and specific details on this will be included in the race information pack, which will be sent out during the first week in October.  Failing this, there will be the option of collection on race day, however as a runner myself, I prefer to have my bib safety-pinned to my vest the night before (that might just be me though!).  If you wish to collect it on race day, then do allow yourself plenty of time and be aware that overnight 27th-28th the clocks will have gone back one hour. 

    Thank you again for contacting us and I do hope that you enjoy the race.  If you do have any other questions or concerns then please feel free to email me.


     Michael Harrington

    01722 903631


  • Thanks for that John. Hopefully I'll be able to use the third part collection option.
  • Might do that myself. At least we know now plus we should get the race details in the post next week!!

  • Yeah, I'm probably just worrying because I'm a new to it all - I expected to get an info pack through shortly after entering so was a bit concerned when I didn't! I can relax a little now image
  • In my experience these races are usually fairly good. Hopefully these aren't the exception to the rule!!

    Enjoy the training and most of all enjoy the run!!

  • In case people missed it, I got a link to this newsletter on 26 August.  If you entered after that date, then I guess you missed it. If you'd entered before then, then perhaps your email details are incorrect or your spam filter killed it?

  • Thanks Run Wales - looking forward to this very much. Got the Loch Ness marathon on Sunday so hopefully 4 weeks rest/light training should be sufficient. Won't know until the day of course!!

  • Thanks John Owens 5 - I'm struggling with the long runs (up to 9 miles) at the moment but hopefully I'll be better in the day & able to enjoy it a little bit!
  • Unfortunately it look slike I'm not going to be able to run this. My calves are still restricting me to short runs.

    So, if it is possible to transfer the place, does anyone want it? Send me a PM if so.

  • Hi Jane, I've taken a friends place so it is definitely possible to transfer them, the organisers were really helpful doing it

  • SLL - I wouldn;t worry too much if you can get to 10 miles with your training that should be plenty. This is a big town half so I would imagine there will be plenty of spectators all around the course, that can be a big help.

    Got a PB (by 10 minutes) at the Loch Ness Marathon yesterday, well pleased with that as it was a very tough course, The 4 mile hill fron 18 to 22 miles was just a shocker, I have never seen that many people walking, laying on the floor or looking like they were going to be sick on the side of the road in my life!

    Fantastic marathon though, well organized and fantastic scenery. Not many spectators on the main part of the course but that was more than made up with the views and the friendly runners and marshalls. I would definitely recommend it to new and seasoned marathoners

    No training for me this week - apart from being knackered I have a serious blood blister on my foot. Never mind the legs are just wrecked.

    Happy training!!

  • I entered this yesterday after bribing my dad into taking me (not driving is a pain when it comes to choosing races!). Really excited for it. Think I'll have to get the train to the expo on Saturday. Never been to one before. The races I've done previously usually post the number out or you collect on the day.

  • Well done on the pb JO5 sounds like you had to work very hard for it! I was under the impression that whilst it starts in the city centre a lot of it is out in the sticks - or is that just the case with the full marathon? Does anyone know if there is a map of the route for the half anywhere? Im just trying to figure out where the supporters can get to along the route.
  • Try this

    Looks same as full but does not go out as far from town


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