Preston Guild Half Marathon



  • Check PCC web site for race pack if not received. Noted this on full mara forum.

    I did not get email but probably did not give them it.

  • Place for sale! PM if wanted
  • Legs still feeling tired after Loch Ness marathon. It's been quite hard changing the training from marathon to half marathon pace!! Hopefully this doesn't come too soon, won't stop me doing it mind!!

    I live locally so going to travel in on the train, sounds like Preston will be fairly packed as 9000 people have registered for the various races. Half wish I was doing the marathon now, half will feel like a stroll in the park hopefully!!

  • I think I might travel on public transport too- the free parking at the bus station was great for the 10km, but there are more entrants for this and seeing as the full starts before us I wouldn't want to risk it. 

    Getting nervous now waiting for it! Going to do a 12 miler tomorrow and then I'll just be counting down the days. My only goal is to finish so I'm sure it'll be fine (and hopefully good fun)

  • Good luck everyone. See you on Sunday. image Fingers crossed for some sunshine!

  • Good luck to you too Vanessa - I think we might be struggling with the sun more likely quite windy!!

    I've developed a cold as usual when tapering - never mind same happenned at Loch Ness marathon 4 weeks ago and I got a PB!! So hopefully I can do that this time too, well a V50 PB anyway.

  • Hi all - looking for a bit of advice - I did my last long run (11.5 miles) two weekends ago & was feeling like I'd put the hard work in & was well prepared for my very first half, i then intended to do a few short runs (between 7 & 4 miles) to keep ticking over before race day with the last short run tomorrow BUT instead I went away on a last minute holiday resulting in me not running at all for the last week. I have just got back today & really don't feel like running - do u think I will have wasted a lot of my training done pre - hol & what's the best thing to do now given its so close to the half? I feel really annoyed with myself now for wasting all my training. Any advice welcome
  • Look at the postives SLL all niggles will have gone. Take it steady early doors and you should be fine.

  • So do u not think I need to get a couple of runs in between now & then?
  • Just do a couple of short runs and you will be fine.
  • Thanks - ill make sure I do.
  • think I'll do the same - not run since Sunday because of a cold - need to stretch my legs I think!!

  • SLL wrote (see)

    So do u not think I need to get a couple of runs in between now & then?

    SLL I was not advising how far or often you should run I was trying to point out a positive as you seemed a little negative. Good luck on Sunday. I will be in the group at the back but will finish.

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